Sunday, October 2, 2011

Phantom Memories

Written By:  Lila Star

So it’s never official

It’s never really there

Once the mind moved

Once I let it all go

It’s not the same

Indifference Isn’t a state of mind

Cannot be helped       

Cannot Be Fixed

Just overlooked

And a new way of life ensues

Until you truly understand me

Those memories that I love

Are only a phantom of us

Hold onto my ghost

My time stunted soul is yours.

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Delerium said...

the sole of a foot is = to or more than the importance of a rogue soul.
soul sole
love the english language

Randy Sturridge said...

ha Interesting...

Political Objective - to remain unbias, essentially without objective

Personal Objective - to remain focused on achieving and essentially basing this goal on personal gain, less a collective

Objective = nope = Objective

Same word, no change in tense or pronunciation...A good example of manipulating the already blurred lines of censorship and personal limitation without a just cause. tsk tsk.