Friday, March 4, 2011

Darkness: A Poem on Depression and Utter Emptiness

Hollow trees and crisp brown leaves
Frightened birds and blood lust bees
Running down the winding road
Succumbing to fear and all that she holds
Shadows extend, as my skin grows cold
No longer youthful, but raggedly old
Stonewalls wet with the pungent air
The darkness sighs and often dares
The life that remains is hard and black
Familiar to gutters and sewer rats
I am encased by thoughts of fear
Focused I concentrate as I shed a dark tear
Woefully crying I disturb the air
Is anybody out there, anyone to care?
Is it to late, have they all moved on
Leaving me in darkness, wolves to a fawn
Roaches and onions sustain my frail soul
Mattresses of bark and fires of coal
Corners hold darkness but with that secrets
Will I discover treasure and trinkets?
Cracks in the walls and traces of pain
Scratches infected and cold blue veins
Hands at my back and bites on my feet
Dragging me down to hell where Ill meet
An entourage of fear and a blanket of horror
Day after day Ill be fed to the boars
Deserving I am for I am ashamed
Living a life where lives I claimed
Thinking not of the end of my time
Here I am, amongst my own kind
A void I’m in and rage I feel
It’s not my own, he’s here to kill
I get on my knees and think not to pray
I look upward in time to here the darkness say,
“Mine you are you wretched soul
Thought you’d escape my feasting bowl,
I’ve been waiting for you for quite some time
I've grown hungry in hell, but on you I’ll dine