Saturday, September 10, 2011

Drawing: Gaze

Look about the room,
Canvas all the corners
Catch a gazing stare
Look away moving on

                   Look about the room
                   Full of silent watching
                   Facing forward all but one
                   Look that way just for fun
                                         He is staring still he stares     
                                         Why's he facing backwards                     
                                          A slow spreading smile
                                          Contorts his long wry face

                                                            Open mouth empty eyes
                                                             Blanket, alone, in pain
                                                             He settles back in his seat
                                                             Facing forward, conforming                    

The strange things that happen. That we will never know why...

Randy Sturridge

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Self Satisfaction

Ride the waves of self satisfaction

Take just one day to foster distraction

Turn of the Radio and the TV

Focus on yourself thank yourself please

Encourage your own desires and passion

Walk with pride that you have so fashioned

Bask in the glory of self satisfaction

don't be a product of not taking action

Now is the time this life is yours

Take it by the reins and kick open doors

So many options don't idle or coast

Life is fleeting don't just be a host

Make the decisions that pave the road

Self satisfaction is for you behold


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tick Tock

Artist:  Randy Sturridge

Chop the lumber splintered wood
Stack the logs inside the shed
Close the hatches secure the locks
Closely watch the clock Tick Tock

Have some bread enjoy some milk
Threatening winds upon the door
Threaded sweaters layered thick
Listen closely as the old clock Ticks

Grab the quill dip it in ink
Point to parchment begin an entry
Thunder growls after flashes bright
The clock ticks on into the night

Tempatures drop old faithful clock stops
Logs and flint bring a fire to life
A flurry erupts and envelopes the night
A blizzard stops time locked and resigned

Company vacant in these times of sleet
As mother nature screams so violently
Burying shelters and cabins in snow
The clock is stopped though time does go

Days weeks for it could be months
A reprieve from the tumultuous bizzard void
Ticking of a clock can drive all insane
When locked indoors for weeks in a cage

Resigned to allow minds to transcend
The watching of time drain til blizzards end

Randy Sturridge

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Skinned Sin

written by: heidi chester

Here you are, down on your knees again.
Crawling and bleeding and ripping skin.
You're dying but trying to breathe again.
But you’re smothered and covered, soaked in your sin.

You're pleading and screaming all apologies.
Your chanting becomes ranting and makes no sense to me.
While you're reaching your screeching at me to see-
That it isn't yours, there is no you, there is only me.

Here I am, down on my knees again.
Crawling and bleeding and shredding skin.
I'm dying but trying to breathe again.
Drowning and sinking inside my sin.

There is no you, there is no me, there is nothing here.
There is no love, there is no hate, there is no fear.
Just silent screams, and empty dreams for no one to hear,
Bloody tears, no memories, souls far from clear.

Here we are, down on our knees again.
Sinking, no wallowing inside our sins.
We're crawling and bleeding just to breathe again.
Locked inside ourselves, in this private hell, stuck inside our skin.

Here we are down on our knees again...

Monday, September 5, 2011

Who Am I

Artist: Randy Sturridge

Lets be honest with ourselves tried we have for three whole years

Never obtaining a moment of calm that's void of miserable thoughts so wrong

How many times must we explode before the answer and truths unfolds

Maybe were not meant for each other when t night in bed do you consider another?

I know that something has got to give cause this is no way to repeatedly live.

So tired and exhausted I've grown these few years

I make it a purpose to avoid how the mirrors stares

I'm no longer the captain at the helm Instead I'm a slave to a deckhand that yells

This very moment that I write these words I feel painful tingles from your hurtful words

I'm sorry you say every single day I always brush off the words and just say it's okay

I tell you now as sad as it feels that if this persists in only your memories I'll dwell

I will have to leave you for you are destroying me, I love you so much but I've had enough

How many chances does one person get, I've lost count of all the times I have chosen to forget

The lasting affects are taking their toll, pieces of me are now rotten with mold

I use to speak and command the room, now I can't wait to leave for my room

No longer positive or proud to be, I can't even remember what I use to see.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Drawing: Inner Being

Artist: Randy Sturridge 

The expression "inner beauty" is often used to compliment a person's amicable nature or characteristics.  The drawing above serves to depict the "inner thoughts and characteristics of the other end of that spectrum.  That being said I now seek your advice. What do you think could produce a mind and inner being such as this?

This will be an interesting discussion for I am very interested in what everyone comes up with. 

Please share your opinion...

On the art or the Inquiry.