Monday, September 5, 2011

Who Am I

Artist: Randy Sturridge

Lets be honest with ourselves tried we have for three whole years

Never obtaining a moment of calm that's void of miserable thoughts so wrong

How many times must we explode before the answer and truths unfolds

Maybe were not meant for each other when t night in bed do you consider another?

I know that something has got to give cause this is no way to repeatedly live.

So tired and exhausted I've grown these few years

I make it a purpose to avoid how the mirrors stares

I'm no longer the captain at the helm Instead I'm a slave to a deckhand that yells

This very moment that I write these words I feel painful tingles from your hurtful words

I'm sorry you say every single day I always brush off the words and just say it's okay

I tell you now as sad as it feels that if this persists in only your memories I'll dwell

I will have to leave you for you are destroying me, I love you so much but I've had enough

How many chances does one person get, I've lost count of all the times I have chosen to forget

The lasting affects are taking their toll, pieces of me are now rotten with mold

I use to speak and command the room, now I can't wait to leave for my room

No longer positive or proud to be, I can't even remember what I use to see.

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