Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Dormant Masses

Illustrator:  Dickie Gonzo

Dickie Gonzo Music

The Dormant Masses

Embrace these tortured souls

This might be last call for them all

The dawn of nuclear eruption

Set the stage for their destruction

And don't feel bad when you move on

And leave the herd confused and doomed

In desperate times they move to violence

Through their wretched points of view

I think i'll drift among the stars

And guide the ancient pharoes home

There eyes so full of conscience light

So many answers they don't know

And soon they'll drift along besid me

Beneath the canopy of space

To bless the ones so far below

Who've also stumbled day by day

These dormant masses, minds of gold

Our culture blind to whats repeated 

Need a voice to guide them home

To shed delusions they've created.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mind Puddle Madness

Illustration: Dickie Gonzo

Mind Puddle Madness

It is early in the morning and I am awake

This day so it seems is mine to take

Thinking about time as it quickly passes by

I know what awaits; I just want to die

The darkness shifts slowly as I gaze at the sky

Why does this happen oh Lord I cry

The light in the car hurts my eyes

I'm just a product of Time's Demise

Bars on the windows and shelves without books

I turn from the mirror for it reveals my True looks

I sit on the floor and I began to rock

Wishing Time's madness would just fucking stop

Pulses of pain beat inside my brain

Thunder in my heart as my thoughts fall like rain

Black heavy shadows with hollowed out eyes

This world is nothing but pain and rich lies

Why won't they stop, these racing thoughts

Ravaging my mind as it thickens the plot

Waving goodbye as the Time passes by

Standing in the puddle from the thoughts my mind cries.