Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Broken wings under cold boardwalk

Terrible pain fills the night

A homeless vagrant observes death

Terrible waves rattle the structure

Birds of sunshine take eternal rest 

Leaving boardwalk graves and restless wanderers

Fear encumbers and consumes frail things

Fate takes hold as old boardwalk rocks

A vagrant clutches with icy cold hands

Bones of sunshine wash by his frame

Woeful cries cut through the crashing

A homeless wanderer takes eternal rest

Old boardwalk rocks with icy sea air.

Randy Sturridge


Unknown said...

Randy, nice write. Short and to the point telling a much broader tale then of those words in the piece. I love it when I can make such an expansive piece that can be told in an abbreviated period of time. Great job.

Unknown said...

Thank you friend, This was an attempt to shorten but use strong direct words...Glad you enjoyed it.

I sent you an invitation to google plus a little time back. I am finding that their are some very interesting and talented poets, writers, and general artists by the boatload over there and it is definitely an social network to look into...some very reputable people seem to crop out of nowhere. I mentioned you to one of the authors over their who has quite a few published works, so he may be stopping by your site to take a look at your work.

Unknown said...

Randy, I can't remember where I saw the Google plus invite. if it was by email It probably got lost- I get so so much spam in there that if I don't stay on top of it It gets too much to handle and I wind up deleting all the messages in there. I know it's not the best way of doing things- but I'm unhinged normally and when I open the email from two days ago and it says 444 new emails- there's no way to deal with it again. Anyhow send it to me again if you don't mind, and maybe give me a hint on how to use the service- I've yet to. Thanks again