Saturday, October 8, 2011

Trapped Awake

Know what its like to be trapped awake?

For days on end, hallucinate.

An immense strain upon the body

No falling asleep instead passing out

So damned exhausted one cant count

Thoughts so jumbled as one mumbles

Cant make sense of ones own mind

Speaking to oneself, in search of a sign

Paranoid by now, covering all tracks

Forgetting by this time that sleep one so lacks

Friday, October 7, 2011

Beautiful Monster

Drawn and Edited by:  Randy Sturridge

Reaching and stretching, harder I try. 
Slowly, but surely,the farther I slide.

Chainsaws and bullets, I want you to die. 
Beautiful monster that lives inside.

Happy you make me, such a beautiful peak. 
Though never the permanent state that I seek.

Upward you take me, an invincible high. 
Beautiful monster, dare me to die...

Grenades and razors, and diesel fire. 
Beautiful monster, I slowly expire.

Those Who Mumble

Edited by:  Randy Sturridge

On days of respite we should so praise
The wrong decisions that are continually made
Why the conflict in positive grants
When so many kindred characters lose their stance
Times of strife bring about life
Preparing the gauntlet to restructure time

Thursday, October 6, 2011

99 Degrees

Delirium Sets in consider it sin

Thirty minutes time and Ill be swimming again

Drivin with white knuckles

Cigarette Smoke Constant

Mr are you okay

Thanks for asking but no not today

Pissed off Putt me on a cross

For One Another

Drawn and Edited by: Randy Sturridge

A gift from one to another

Is not but everything that encourages others

The focus of life on distant shores subsides

Absolutes give way as molecules collide

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pretty Pretty Pretty Pretty

love .
it's the one thing that differentiates our species among the rest.

we grow up knowing that one day we will love. 

everyone wants love and to be loved.

it's the one thing every single human on the face of the earth,of all mankind’s history,its what they all longed for at least once in their life.

& I’m sick of it.
I’m not looking for love anymore.

I’m looking for someone 
who’s not looking for love in the least.
& if that’s you then I’m looking for you
&when i find you,
we're probably gonna get what’s coming to us;

which is inevitably & ironically:

                                 -a martian .


Whispering winds dance delightfully this eve

Setting the mood for two lovers to give

Carnal desires propelled in unison

Hesitation defeated as passions burn bright

Resistance futile as bodies intertwine

Exploring new corners and secret places

Soft touch, then rough, just enough

Arched for pleasure, leverage finds treasure

Slow, so firm, hard pressed as one

Thick air, heavy breathe, sweat

Sweet release, conquered, subsiding seas

Gazing into one another

Two lovers, lay back and watch the stars.

Randy sturridge

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Art by: Dickie Gonzo

my disillusioned will to live
is challenged by my medicine
i chose to take i fought to get
i've gotta have, refuse to quit
dyslexic minds all read me wrong
my masked emotions are prolonged
i see my future dark and bleak, i close my eyes
and pray for sleep 
where dreams are scars that i can't keep
where visions die and dreams are caught 
by the wealthy hands of a greedy lot
who need no more and take no less
to my disease they won't confess
i live for night, for lucid slumber
when i'm free from fear 
and life's disorder

dickie gonzo

Phantom Memories

Written By:  Lila Star

So it’s never official

It’s never really there

Once the mind moved

Once I let it all go

It’s not the same

Indifference Isn’t a state of mind

Cannot be helped       

Cannot Be Fixed

Just overlooked

And a new way of life ensues

Until you truly understand me

Those memories that I love

Are only a phantom of us

Hold onto my ghost

My time stunted soul is yours.

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