Sunday, October 2, 2011


Art by: Dickie Gonzo

my disillusioned will to live
is challenged by my medicine
i chose to take i fought to get
i've gotta have, refuse to quit
dyslexic minds all read me wrong
my masked emotions are prolonged
i see my future dark and bleak, i close my eyes
and pray for sleep 
where dreams are scars that i can't keep
where visions die and dreams are caught 
by the wealthy hands of a greedy lot
who need no more and take no less
to my disease they won't confess
i live for night, for lucid slumber
when i'm free from fear 
and life's disorder

dickie gonzo


Marinela said...

I enjoyed this poem greatly...Well done!

Randy Sturridge said...

Thank you very much...I will be sure to pass this on to Mr. Dickie Gonzo, I'm sure he will be quite pleased. These words are actually the lyrics to a portion of one of his songs...I have placed a static page up top for Dickie entitled: Dickie Gonzo: His Music. This page allows you to listen to seven of his songs as well as utilize the tools placed on the page to play the piano mix beats and tweak audio...It is pretty interesting. Thank you for the comment.

Fred said...

Here, here Randy. Truthful words my friend. I know we each have our own issues, medically that is, but this piece crosses the boundaries- outside your one little mention of your own fight- but yeah- definitely resonates. Great job

Randy Sturridge said...

These lines are a portion of one of Mr. Dickie Gonzo's Song's...He is a very talented poet, musician and artist that with such talent comes in cases a degree of self sacrifice that I can only stress enough has been conquered and defeated by Mr. Dickie Gonzo is the most noble of ways...He is aspiring in all areas to me and is one of those rare characters that is aspiring in so many areas because he is great at everything he does....The non-studying A+ Misfit that perplexes the modern man. He has just began learning social media and has since put up a wordpress site that is operational though it is new, content on his end is going to be flowing in the following weeks and so forth.

Do check out this uncanny man of verbiage at

beezknez said...

I hear so vividly in this poem as many would also relate for different reasons life for all can sometimes be very difficult you express this so well almost reminds me of a nightmare i mean this in the most complimentary of ways as it really hits deep for me the reader the dynamics being felt here almost suffocates me with the pain & fear i feel from your words really intense great writing always beez :))

Anonymous said...

Thank you all so much for reciprocating this piece. I attempted to read this to a class a few years back and, lets just say it didn't go well. i appreciate this forum, Randy, a great place to be accepted by great people when so many others turn away.

Randy Sturridge said...

People with all the right things to say to end up being the people that were never really speaking but instead buffering their ego. The worst kind of people need to use others in order to feel better about themselves.

Brother you are always welcome here, and anywhere with any company that I have. call me whenever you need and ima on the way...everyday, anyday I will come. As you have always said The energy that we have in just one room is enough to do and create such great things. Its hard to realize and remember how lucky we are when it seems we see the backs of people more than we see what they thought they were.

I saved a kitten yesterday...White, sick and full of love. Hes still alive only cause Ebony and I happened to see him sitting under a car...we could have so easily missed him and that is all it would have taken for him to have never been. I wonder if that is how some people subconsciously live. Just leaving a wake of self preservation. We are rare men