Thursday, October 6, 2011

99 Degrees

Delirium Sets in consider it sin

Thirty minutes time and Ill be swimming again

Drivin with white knuckles

Cigarette Smoke Constant

Mr are you okay

Thanks for asking but no not today

Pissed off Putt me on a cross

Crucify this mind

With blood and sweat I resign

Hope out of reach

Stay Positive they teach

Impossible gestures

When my body aches and then festers

99 degrees how about a little reprieve please

To much to handle lifes little scandals 

Randy Sturridge


Fred said...

Randy- Another great job of making connections throughout the piece. So many examples, but Pissed off put me on a cross- then crucify- then resign followed up with Hope- So not a real pattern in and of itself- can be connecting through the likeness of association or from the absence of such. Lots more in here too- And reprieve is a favorite word of mine- so that was cool there at the end. Very nicely spun, thanks

Randy Sturridge said...

This was actually written quite a while ago and I completely forgot about it. Came upon it a couple of days ago when going through a past journal. Glad you enjoyed it.

Delerium said...

word . . . premise. word. i'll share

Randy Sturridge said...


Delerium said...

sometimes its hard to tell if the state above is of hate, hurt, or just means another end is reached. rarr