Saturday, June 11, 2011

Own The Night

Come what may,
Come what might,
I’m going to own this night.
I live today, 
I die tomorrow,
I shake my head and dive right in.
I’ve lived the follies,
And see the errors,
I know my wrongs,
And done some rights,
But in the end,
I make them all mine.

I embraced the night,
I breathe the dark,
Scared away those darker thoughts.
I’ll be right here standing tall,
Fighting to keep it caged away.
Though I fight today,
I’ll sleep tomorrow, 
And dream dreams of dreams,
Of the end and worse,
Let’s just hope I awake before then.

Tomorrow isn’t promised,
And today isn’t given,
So tonight I’ll become a living legend.
I’ve seen the errors,
I know my wrongs,
But in the end,
I’d only do more gleeful wrongs.
I wish you well,
I’ll wish you death,
I’ll whisper sweet nothings of discontent.

A child of night,
A child of sin,
I like to see what happens in the end.
I’ll make my mark,
My name will be sung,
One day I’m going to embrace the sun.
But for now,
And until the end,
I’m gonna own the night within.
Through thick and thin,
For better or worse,
I’ll be right here,
Smiling till the end.

--Chris Holmgren

Friday, June 10, 2011

Serpent Driven

Dickie Gonzo @Media Clown Records


lead me further down,
deeper than I ever would have gone
you would help me dig forever
and forever watch me burn
as i collide between your eyes
and give a lift to your brow,
you simply smirk and ghastly, lurk
throughout the shadows of my frown.
who dare outlast my desires
giving game to my obsessions
maybe the one whom I descend nearby
our corpses grande procession
forgive me not, nor I to you
in my tranquility, I've surrendered 
and in return, need not I think,
the mind is no use to a slave
the thirteenth soul to cross your bridge
is mine the spirit that you've craved?