Monday, May 23, 2011

A Country In Transition: Written 5/9/2009

Popular sovereignty was a victory in history
Relinquishing all ties with malice and misery
Creating a change of profound effect
Rippling throughout the world for all to reflect
 Production now down and revenue reduced
Companies netting half of the material produced
A Country in transition slowly dividing
Corrupt politicians constantly siding
 Having a hand In the Unions deciding 
Democrat sophisticates delegating authority
Secession then followed by southern majority
Civil war erupted with economic agendas
 Our country conflicted with new federal dilemmas.
Our country survived this domestic battle
Southern agrarians then turned to cattle. 
My point is now going to be conveyed to you
The Year is 2010 what can a citizen do
Our country sustained the civil war
The year is 2010 and our country is in transition
This time with activists with verbal ammunition.
Stripping the rights of the private sector
Forcing them to employ the Javiers and Hectors.
Economic turmoil will soon be felt
By doctors, and lawyers whose net worth will melt
Can our country survive an economic revolution?
Can we all agree this is not a solution?
An industrial recession we cannot sustain
This will result in manual labor regained
A slow regression in technological funding
Those seeking prosperity to countries they’re running
Popular sovereignty and civil restructuring,
In history survived with new obtained luxuries
 This socialist transition cannot be sustained
With the constant increase in those military trained
In 2010 a historian may say
“The fall of great American, It came on that day.” 


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Liquid Sunshine

The sun is shinning 
so sunny and bright
Not a cloud in the sky
no storm in sight

When out of the blue
it starts to pour
And drenches you
right down to the core

You look up and still feel
the sunlight on your face
You smile and think
"something's out of place"

"A moment ago 
everything was fine"
Then you soon realize 
it's just Liquid Sunshine.

  Jennifer Dawson