Monday, December 26, 2011

When Right and Left Intertwine

Along the road there comes a time
When right and left intertwine
All the people in their cars
Faceless stares blank as dolls
Routine takes hold of lives
Auto pilot, coast on by
Chances lost doors are closed
Risk averted as time goes
Along this road a time will come
When all the people see their numb
Thoughts of life will flood their minds
Hopefully they shall find
That when right and left intertwine
Risk and chance is so divine
Be the one who lives for life
Not afraid to roll the dice
Happiness is said to be
Man's best chance at being free
So when the time comes on by
Take some chances and you shall fly.

Randy Sturridge

For All Time

Unlike any other
A night for all time
Cherished in memory
Reliving every second
Over...again and again

Unequivocal romance
electric passions
rekindled every day
A memory for all time

Remembering your grace
sensational presence
Mesmerizing gaze
Lives forever in me

Unlike any other
A night for all time
Alive inside of me
Revisited over and again
Your love will never die.