Saturday, August 6, 2011

Parliament Man

by: Cindy Page

A man with a hat came carrying a bat.
And stopped at the building of Parliament.

We watched from inside as he pounced like a cat,
and began smashing the windows of Parliament.

We were all like: “Oh no! What are we gonna do?!” 
Yes, it’s true!
My pants I did shat 
as we unleashed the rats
to attack 
this attacker on Parliament.

But with God on his side, flames of fate looming high,
There was no stopping this man.

He ascended the stairs, raising up all our hairs,
At the door... a figure... a man.

He smashed open our skulls, and set fire to our balls,
It was pretty damn grim. Seriously.

And now we all sit in heaven, 
basking in Sweet Jesus’ light,
for before he did kill us, 
he administered our last rites.

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Algebra is a mathematical must

practice you must or you will collect dust

linear equations destined to be defined

Y-intercept and Slope must be derived

A coordinate plane sits at absolute zero

four quadrants compete to be crowned the hero

two sets of coordinates destined to each other

a reciprocal circle of sister and brother

y over x when compared by two sets

leaves behind the slope of x y roulette

a set of coordinates partnered with slope

defines the y-intercept with an equation in scope

slope intercept form we have on our hands

to graph the line on the coordinate land

we travel by the constant to develop the level

positive or negative reflects our bevel

rise over run the slope will run

we now draw our line, shot like a gun

the coordinate plane now brought to life

our coordinates now graphed check the points twice

Simple procedures and there you have

slope intercept form and graphing in your hands.

Randy Sturridge

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Miss You

Today I thought of you
And how We use to use
Today I thought of you
And all you use to do

Today I cried out loud
I violated my vows
Protect you I had said
My soul is filled with dread.

This Eve I thought of you
And your fear of spiders to
This Eve I thought of you
With the silly way you chewed

Tonight you consume my mind
They say it will ease in time
My Love I miss you so
Why did you have go?

I always sing our song
Hoping that I'm wrong
Maybe you'll Appear
Ease this aching fear

I lay in our sweet bed
My love my love your'e dead
My heart it misses your touch
I love you so very much

I drift on off to sleep
Where you and I always meet
Holding hands we retreat
To the fabric of my dreams.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lost Generation

Randy and Dickie

Vicarious Conditioning and Indoctrination
Malicious Intent with Manipulation
A world asunder now encumbered
Cut and Stacked Sorted by Lumber
A poisonous mountain of deep regret
Dirt filled ashes with cigarettes
Torn at the seams, Breathing in coal
Juvenile Dwellers with souls so dull
A society entrenched in large deceit
A world with no purpose of drive to succeed
Once upon a time has long since past
Changes ran dry this will be the last
So remember us for what we were
Our path now the Chauffeurs
Goodbye, good day maybe another day
We will re-emerge and have it our way.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

My God

I’ve been on a journey of a spiritual kind

Two years I traveled within my own mind

Reading all subjects that became intertwined

I didn’t understand why I kept seeking

Growing irritations would leave me weeping

A searching thirst that had to come first

I refused to sleep I wouldn’t even try

I must keep searching to figure out why

Then it came all in one day

I found the answer that plagued me So

I found iT all in the books you know

What I discovered I didn’t expect

I found that god I’ve come to neglect

I never believed cause their was no proof

But the opposite argument gives no more clues

Don’t go searching for reasons to deny

The existence of a god that is for your own eyes

For if you do you will waste your whole life

Finding only more questions for why you deny

It was beautiful, I discovered my answer

The mystery of life is for god to answer

I now believe in a personal god

Not bound by a any particular law

My god is the answer to all of the questions

That aren’t being taught in any school lessons

Does it make sense to not believe

When we know so little beyond what we see

How could I judge and dismiss one for the other

Don’t be a soldier for the Lost logic lover

The questions remain and it will drive you insane

I speak not of religion but for a god I’ve claimed

Allow your god to give you wings to fly

I am so happy that I have found

A belief for me, a god to have around.