Sunday, July 31, 2011

My God

I’ve been on a journey of a spiritual kind

Two years I traveled within my own mind

Reading all subjects that became intertwined

I didn’t understand why I kept seeking

Growing irritations would leave me weeping

A searching thirst that had to come first

I refused to sleep I wouldn’t even try

I must keep searching to figure out why

Then it came all in one day

I found the answer that plagued me So

I found iT all in the books you know

What I discovered I didn’t expect

I found that god I’ve come to neglect

I never believed cause their was no proof

But the opposite argument gives no more clues

Don’t go searching for reasons to deny

The existence of a god that is for your own eyes

For if you do you will waste your whole life

Finding only more questions for why you deny

It was beautiful, I discovered my answer

The mystery of life is for god to answer

I now believe in a personal god

Not bound by a any particular law

My god is the answer to all of the questions

That aren’t being taught in any school lessons

Does it make sense to not believe

When we know so little beyond what we see

How could I judge and dismiss one for the other

Don’t be a soldier for the Lost logic lover

The questions remain and it will drive you insane

I speak not of religion but for a god I’ve claimed

Allow your god to give you wings to fly

I am so happy that I have found

A belief for me, a god to have around.

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