Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lost Generation

Randy and Dickie

Vicarious Conditioning and Indoctrination
Malicious Intent with Manipulation
A world asunder now encumbered
Cut and Stacked Sorted by Lumber
A poisonous mountain of deep regret
Dirt filled ashes with cigarettes
Torn at the seams, Breathing in coal
Juvenile Dwellers with souls so dull
A society entrenched in large deceit
A world with no purpose of drive to succeed
Once upon a time has long since past
Changes ran dry this will be the last
So remember us for what we were
Our path now lost...now the Chauffeurs
Goodbye, good day maybe another day
We will re-emerge and have it our way.


Unknown said...

Excellent write Randy, perhaps my favorite piece. So many good things going on in here, but the wonderful rhyming is brilliant, love it

Unknown said...

Glad to here you enjoyed it. I was on the fence whether to post this one...wasn't to sure if anyone would like it. Glad I decided to put it up. Thank you sir.