Saturday, July 23, 2011

Perfect Stranger

I do not matter please take my love

You do not know me and you don’t need to
Just know that I am here for you

The days are long and nights are longer
Just know that you are not alone

I have nothing to offer but to let you know
That I am here for you

We will never meet, we will never laugh together
But I am here for you when grey are the days

It is sad for me to know you are under covers
And worrying about being alone

I have little love and little happiness
But I give to you, whoever you are

I am tired and I am up late at night
Just know that I am thinking of you

Whoever you are I wish you didn’t feel so alone
I am never going to know you, but I feel you

Know I am out here, and I care so much for you
Don’t search for me, you won’t find me

I love you, whoever you are.
No more crying with the blankets pulled so high

i accept your loneliness and I take it from you
I give you my love, because you need it

I will be a shell, I will be lonely tomorrow
You, will wake up feeling better, because I love you

perfect stranger,

I love you and hate your sadness

just know that I care for you…

perfect stranger...

I hope we never meet

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sunday Session

My feet strike the sand and the wind stings my face
The thunder rolls with a resonating base
I gaze toward the ocean to inspect the grand waves
I peer in the barrel; the hollowed out cave
Waxing my board with great anticipation
As I marvel at the work of Mother Nature’s creation
I speed toward her shores to begin the great hunt
I spot it at once, my quarry in front.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Forsaken

A movement cascades upon the souls

Harnessing the fire and feeding it coals

Delinquent bedlam blanketed with malice

No longer inanimate it seeks a balance

Locked in your home hide in the corners

Dangerous everywhere fueled by mourners

Drifting in fog and feeding on fear

Sensing the sites finding those near

Future is dead as we are all listed

A number the hunt ensnares the twisted

Escaping impossible fear filled dread

No where to run, the safe are the dead

Terror consumes all the air we breathe

Tasting the time, feeling it seethe

Nothing will work the futures ordained

Those still running have gone insane

Night descends from a dusk deep red

Taking most while they sleep in their beds

A mist of fate settles outside of town

Breathing the air brings up the ground

Hopeless space surrounds us all

Feeling the life being sucked in the walls

A plague of despair is now heavy in the air

Calling our names feeling its stare

Where is the being that eats our life

Murdering the light with fear laced knives

Whispering death, to come on this night

Encouraging terror, promising fright

I lay in my bed and wait to be taken

We are the damned destined forsaken

I drown as I breathe I take in the terror

Consumed entrenched I die while it stares.

Moist Prison Bars

Moist prison walls and freezing steel bars
Seize my bodily being caged from the stars
Dread and anguish weigh in upon me
Contorting my features for every one to see
Wicked violent souls also locked in these walls
Screaming and Shouting for me they call
Utterly alone Im so afraid
This is now my life, day after day

I should have been more conscious of my actions
Instead of living a live of self-satisfaction
I cannot believe that this has happened to me
All of my friends will wonder where Ill be
All of my plans all of my life
None of it now matters, unclothed with a knife

My brother wont get to go to Kentucky
I hope he finds a ride, hope he gets lucky
My sister, my sister, So many things to say
Make sure that you live for yourself, okay

Why is it now that Im worrying for others
Ive spent my whole life just living for me
Now that Im alone I can finally see
All of the people so very far away
They wont care at all that its here I now stay
It flashes so suddenly throughout my mind.
That all of my friends, Ive treated unkind
I have destined myself to be alone
Beyond even these walls I have no home
Nobody will visit, I will sit and wait
Someone has to miss me, just one of my mates  

The burden I suffer I have earned and it is mine
I will die behind these walls that I am confined
I accept my fate, and that it is far to late
To go back for my soul, to liberate
Instead I must remain and feel ashamed
Waiting for death, knowing I am to blame.