Saturday, July 23, 2011

Perfect Stranger

I do not matter please take my love

You do not know me and you don’t need to
Just know that I am here for you

The days are long and nights are longer
Just know that you are not alone

I have nothing to offer but to let you know
That I am here for you

We will never meet, we will never laugh together
But I am here for you when grey are the days

It is sad for me to know you are under covers
And worrying about being alone

I have little love and little happiness
But I give to you, whoever you are

I am tired and I am up late at night
Just know that I am thinking of you

Whoever you are I wish you didn’t feel so alone
I am never going to know you, but I feel you

Know I am out here, and I care so much for you
Don’t search for me, you won’t find me

I love you, whoever you are.
No more crying with the blankets pulled so high

i accept your loneliness and I take it from you
I give you my love, because you need it

I will be a shell, I will be lonely tomorrow
You, will wake up feeling better, because I love you

perfect stranger,

I love you and hate your sadness

just know that I care for you…

perfect stranger...

I hope we never meet

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