Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bullets for Apes

By; Arron Shilling

Suicide tiger, Bullets for apes, loaded gun - ALL THE WORLDS A ZOO,
Monkey Lobe Lobotomy, slit throat sheep weeps - let’s have some fun.

17 Pylons, Horror Horizon, cadmium orange, hell hue milieu crackles,
Mackerel skies linger large the expanse weeps – let’s have some fun.

Zoo sanatorium silhouette scans the scene in caesarean sections,
Rabid robots fester, captive droid has seizure, oil weeps - let’s have some fun.

The tragedy, pacing Tiger, insanity bound, fearful lunatic symmetry,
The shame, jeep beep - beeps, hell cat diesel weeps - let’s have some fun.

Emblems patch work, uniform cameo, child soldier, warrior quadruped,
Plutonium perversions, electrode clips balls in a vice…weep – let’s have some fun.

Fume of Faeces lines the lungs animal killer. Butcher boy chiller,
Loco safari, rifle range, derange, zebra eye weeps - let’s have some fun.

Glory beast arsehole, bear belly bar distended - B A L L O O N B A B O O N and burst,
Hunting expedition, lame ducks outta luck, sitting targets weep - let’s have some fun.

Silver back chockfull of holes and lead, weird wolves chuck hair balls, drizzle chin of swine,
Electrode elephants shocked, arson cages wreak, giraffes gently weep –let’s have some fun.

Mission complete, blood on his feet, slaughter house chimps snuggle in,
Leaning back he pulls the pin. Cuddle cousins wounded weeping - let’s have some fun.

Don’t you weep for the beast; comfort nuzzles, jungle genocide, wide screen TVs,
Sand man assassin sing – fanatic, multimedia play pens, Industrialist guzzlers – let’s have some fun.

Suicide springtide, insectile breach, poker dot/pebble dash the art of the gun,
Savannah utopia incinerating nations, new world order, Libya who’s next? Let’s all have some fun…

Except You, you, you and you...and you at the back with the big trunk..

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Born Into This

by: Arron Shilling

Born into this,
Mother you murdered me
For love.

Born into this,
Towerblock aftershock
Drug drop from above.

Born into this,
Gang blood bandana
Weeps brown H.

Born into this,
Slag heap, shit tweet
Off my tits.

Born into this,
Factory job, slave wage mob

Born into this,

Hollow barrel trigger
Bank robber boy.

Born into this,
Solitary confinement
Mother you murdered me.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Lost My Mind

Today I lost my mind
Lost the ties that bind
Right, wrong, sing beside
Dance in and out of line
Scream at walls
Watch them fall
Reveal the voice
Heed the call
Scratch the wrap
On my bones
Whos in the telephone?
Lights off
Look at my feet
Funny shapes
I dont sleep
Come and play
For half a day
Search for walls
Where they call
We will win
New found friends
Start over
Play again
Right, wrong sing along
I lost my mind
Ill be fine
Ill search the walls
When they call
Ill be fine
Ive lost my mind

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Revolving Door

Delegating accountability within an organization

Produces bi-product expenses and higher turn-over

Subordinate empowerment encourages collaboration

Improving productivity while reducing stagnation

Efficiency will increase and output will soar

Turn-over so low, remove the revolving door

Implementation of employee advancement

Through training and developing those in management

Endorse the strengths of subordinates you lead

Encourage innovative suggestions received

The politics of management are personal and cheap

Don't forget about the subordinates at your feet

Receiving workloads of delegated praise

Can destroy the desire to excel and remain

Organizational structure cannot long sustain

If accountability is delegating for personal gain

Randy Sturridge

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Have Some Money

Hey there stranger i heard you do nothing

Just what I valuehere I’ve got something

Oh it’s naught, just some of my money

Take itit’s yours, for doing nothing

I know you need it as you’re not working

What’s that?  You haven’t been looking

A job, no matterI’ll just support you to

After allyou’ve earned itfor all that you do

No need for government to present your case

 I’ll just give you some money face to face

This way we will meet and then understand

That you are receiving money from my hand

Hope this helpsI know that you’re trying

It’s not as though you’re cheating and lying

So let me know if you need some more

Working’s over ratedwhat’s mine is yours

Just take if you needi’ll get back to work

I am here to serve so what if you’re crook

randy sturridge 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Word Wonderland

My objective apparent as I look in the air

Political heirs to remain objective and fair

 Exact the meaning for its effect         

Else you might indirectly affect

Start a wave of frequent reference

See the waves of perpetual omniscience

Power of the sea breaks upon peasants

Intellectuals throughout manipulate the mind

Threading thoughts conspiring like twine

Threads of posts consume a host

Parasitic surfers comment the most

Feeding the web a server now dead

Consumed by bytes by the digital arachnid

Time passes by, words wave goodbye

For those that remain their meaning is swayed

Take on new form or they adjourn

To settle for rebirth by mans ordinary curse

A graveyard of verbiage history forever lost

Words are the victim and knowledge the cost

randy sturridge

Sunday, August 7, 2011


How does one discern a meaning?
When the thought was obtained while in dreaming
Reality with boundaries and perpetual constraints
Only white and black with no hands to paint
Possibilities endless with time suspended
At night you dream your desires are contented
For only a stint, a brief happiness ensues
Then ripped back to reality, no time to hit snooze
Keep it sacred, your dreams are your own
Close your eyes, and dive into the unknown.

Randy Sturridge