Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Have Some Money

Hey there stranger i heard you do nothing

Just what I valuehere I’ve got something

Oh it’s naught, just some of my money

Take itit’s yours, for doing nothing

I know you need it as you’re not working

What’s that?  You haven’t been looking

A job, no matterI’ll just support you to

After allyou’ve earned itfor all that you do

No need for government to present your case

 I’ll just give you some money face to face

This way we will meet and then understand

That you are receiving money from my hand

Hope this helpsI know that you’re trying

It’s not as though you’re cheating and lying

So let me know if you need some more

Working’s over ratedwhat’s mine is yours

Just take if you needi’ll get back to work

I am here to serve so what if you’re crook

randy sturridge 

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