Monday, August 8, 2011

Word Wonderland

My objective apparent as I look in the air

Political heirs to remain objective and fair

 Exact the meaning for its effect         

Else you might indirectly affect

Start a wave of frequent reference

See the waves of perpetual omniscience

Power of the sea breaks upon peasants

Intellectuals throughout manipulate the mind

Threading thoughts conspiring like twine

Threads of posts consume a host

Parasitic surfers comment the most

Feeding the web a server now dead

Consumed by bytes by the digital arachnid

Time passes by, words wave goodbye

For those that remain their meaning is swayed

Take on new form or they adjourn

To settle for rebirth by mans ordinary curse

A graveyard of verbiage history forever lost

Words are the victim and knowledge the cost

randy sturridge


Fred said...

Randy, another excellent write. Love the idea of the words waving goodbye and the remaining ones get skewed and take on new meaning. Both an interesting and thought provoking piece, thanks for sharing

Randy Sturridge said...

It is said that their is at least three ways to say anyone one word with varying degrees of "added emphasize and intelligence"

fire, flame, conflagration

first, English, said to be neutral
second, French, said to be formal
third, Latin, Intellectual

essentially the same thing, though varying in power and meaning.

Thank you for the comment