Saturday, September 24, 2011

Beautiful Creature

She walks with such grace; so hard not to stare
Intrigue and wonder sweep the crowd
Whispering inquiries from ear to ear
Captivated onlookers from a distance off peer
Abruptly she stops and takes in the crowd
Without saying a word all the towns people bow
Her face, so beautiful, I look down as well
My heart beating so rapid; I feel so ashamed
Her features so perfect, to much to absorb
Uncanny respect though mischievous, I think
I don't understand, my body reacting alone
As if being forced by some devilish vex
I lift my head and take in puzzling images
I close my eyes and stare in her direction
Aghast, I look into her eyes, so beautiful
I can see the crowd scattered all about the ground
It matters only that this creatures stares in me
I slowly walk toward her stepping over the bodies
My gaze is fixed upon the beauty
Her body covered lightly in silk
Impossible not to trod on all of the lifeless
Her eyes have my soul, I will happily give
She turns down her head as if to breathe
I suddenly realize the horror and reality around me
Night it is no longer day
Eight hours passed in just a few seconds
Then I remembered stepping over the bodies
I look, down, around, turn in full circle
The ground is dead, lifeless, the bodies of townspeople
Confused, so scared I look back toward the creature
I meet her beautiful eyes and I remember her grace
I step over the bodies to meet her in the town center
A sweet smile begins to spread across her face
As her smile spreads my life is slowly erased
My last thought, so clear and dear
This beautiful creature is the image all fear.

Randy Sturridge

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Cautioned

Chorus of laughter breaks the silent night

Limping sensations drive desires wild

Pack of hyenas shriek laughter in want

Charismatic gestures influence their hunger

Scavenging hyenas seeking out goods

Vulturous rats slop want tongues that drool

Explore the premise of juking The Cautioned

They are so called for they’ve gone quite rotten

Empathy Void The Cautioned are feared

For all of their mysterious Existence these years

Disregard Warning Laughing hyenas engage

Letting long wants drive their masquerade

Nearer they are for rich smells grip the air

Hyenas shriek with lust seek in their Stares

The Cautioned positioned in no particular order

Alone by fire suddenly encumbered by less space

The Cautioned now stand they can smell the want

Hyenas snap bloodlust curses threatening the 
Cautioned to give up the purse

The Cautioned appear alert yet calm

Relaxing, then sitting with smiles all wrong

A great confusion stirs the night

Drawing out of focus the hyenas of night

Laughing erupts but from the cautioned so smart

Readying the feast caged hyenas with salt and small tart

Scavenging hyenas loot nothing this night

Laughing no more for The Cautioned Now Bite

Hyenas of want long tongues now sliced

To late to take warning as The Cautioned Take Lives

Randy Sturridge

Balance Measured

Prior to...

Run your mouth not thinking of others

Confused and surprised when you’ve angered another

Be mindful you must of what you say

If you’re not aware people are sure to hate

Rightfully so as you’ve said passionate things

That in some ears will only make them steam

Everyone has their right to believe

Whatever it is that they perceive

For you are no more righteous than they

Do not upset people with the things you convey

Pay more attention and mind perspective

If you disagree approach with balanced measure

Choosing right words mean all of the difference

In keeping or losing good friends from opinions

Remember this for all of your remaining days

That it matters to people the words that you say.


Point the finger call out names

Stir the clouds bring on the rain

Pick your poison fix right your sights

Break them down with all of your might

What did they do to suffer the brand

To become the subject by your hard hands

Confused, surprised you scream chords at them

You feel relief and tomorrow you start again.

Randy Sturridge

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Long Night

A girl of twenty puts down her phone
Suddenly realizing that she is alone
Thoughts race fresh with buzzing fear
No longer a joke, All to real
She sits so still on her bed
Not moving, in shock,
After a while she slowly rocks
Back and forth, going over and again
Alone, no money, half committed friends
Parents, brother, significant other
Yeah, time to give him a call
What will he say? What won't he?
New questions never considered
Sit with her while she rocks in thought
Three tests serve as confirmation
She knows a doctor appointment is in order
Verification, for reasons unknown
Of course the question came, and went
To keep or not to keep?
So easy to answer when it's not you
Keep.  She made the right choice
Knowing she just ended her youth
All the parties, kissing booths,
Gone, memories of blurry nights and ignorance
The future, is still there to hope for
She will see this...she doesn't right now
Right now, everything seems impossible
And it will, Ironic how she grew that night
All alone, making decisions, internal fights
A long night, a hard night, A bad sleep
Pregnant and lost, hope without defeat

Randy Sturridge

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bipolar Developed or Genetically Earned?

Written by:  Skye Lochlan

Image Added: Randy Sturridge

She closed her eyes
Brought her safety net into her mind
It went to a white void 
It permeated the heavens

Deep ache of cold and isolation
Did not come from the icy corpse of winter
Or any ravenous monster which lived
Only in fairy tales

The ache in the heart came from 
Broken pieces that danced 
The Dance of the Macrabe continuously
Day after day

With age her soul grew continuously restless
Shards of crushed crystals chafed inside
Hurt unseen 
Tears of blood filled her eyes

The wounds were covered with polite conversation
No medicine or fairy godmother laden 
With Fairy Dust would not magically put
Back the crushed pieces of her heart

At birth her soul was fashioned perfectly pure
As an untainted crystal
How did it break
Why did it break

She often surmised
It must be amazing and a great gift
To be cherished, nurtured
And tenderly cared for

She had been thrown away
She knew she was no good
Ravaged by time
The illness increased
Hope? She asks

Find More of Skye Lochlan's work at:  The Creative Soul

I am King, I am Man

Days come and days go
Some so fast others slow
A day will come just for me
A day where everyone will see
Overlooked and Unimportant
Neutral compliance of some assortment
A day unlike the other days
Will come for me where I shall say
"All you people, all you souls
ghouls of guise with hearts of coals
I am king and here I stand
Grande and noble upon this land
I walk on by you in the halls
on the streets and in malls
Recognition goes unsaid
As though even my shadow's dead
Every dog gets his chance
A day he basks in circumstance
Remember me for all your years
My image in your mind I've seared
Let my life be marked by this
I am not seen, to just dismiss
I am Randy take notice here
Forget me not in all your years
Change the world I have not
Touched your mind or maybe taught
Understand I am one
That loves so much anyone
I am purposeful inside
By which I live and shall then die
A mark I've left I hope I have
To be remembered is not bad
Timeless treasures I possess
For every moment I have left"

Randy Sturridge

Sunday, September 18, 2011