Monday, September 19, 2011

I am King, I am Man

Days come and days go
Some so fast others slow
A day will come just for me
A day where everyone will see
Overlooked and Unimportant
Neutral compliance of some assortment
A day unlike the other days
Will come for me where I shall say
"All you people, all you souls
ghouls of guise with hearts of coals
I am king and here I stand
Grande and noble upon this land
I walk on by you in the halls
on the streets and in malls
Recognition goes unsaid
As though even my shadow's dead
Every dog gets his chance
A day he basks in circumstance
Remember me for all your years
My image in your mind I've seared
Let my life be marked by this
I am not seen, to just dismiss
I am Randy take notice here
Forget me not in all your years
Change the world I have not
Touched your mind or maybe taught
Understand I am one
That loves so much anyone
I am purposeful inside
By which I live and shall then die
A mark I've left I hope I have
To be remembered is not bad
Timeless treasures I possess
For every moment I have left"

Randy Sturridge


Fred said...

Randy, that's awesome- you wrote yourself a theme song. Well, intro music anyhow- I know I know, not a song, but it feels rhythmic and the picture comes to my mind, like a scene from a movie when the hero has made progress in his quest and the music plays that many don't pay attention to, yet if you listen it advances the story- or after the tale is done, the words that play over the credits-which is the most ignored part of a film- But I'll never leave till the first song is done at the earliest, as that song ties the film together- well is supposed to anyhow. Great piece my friend, and the sentiments of want here are deep indeed, idealized aspirations for certain. Thanks

Randy Sturridge said...

Much appreciated. I enjoy your comments as they always allow me to see more into my own writing. Reading your post really gave me an idea for the theme song...haha Thing I'm going to mix it up with some beats and see what I get...Thank you as always sir.

mcmarr said...

Words are very powerful when put together properly and with feeling. Randy I would only change one thing...put Michelle where you put Randy. JK...Great Read!

Randy Sturridge said...

Haha...For anyone who would like to do so. I only encourage. A personal statement (We are all Amazing and can do anything). I very much believe in the law of attraction. I will bring into existence any and all that I desire by simply bringing it into existence.