Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Long Night

A girl of twenty puts down her phone
Suddenly realizing that she is alone
Thoughts race fresh with buzzing fear
No longer a joke, All to real
She sits so still on her bed
Not moving, in shock,
After a while she slowly rocks
Back and forth, going over and again
Alone, no money, half committed friends
Parents, brother, significant other
Yeah, time to give him a call
What will he say? What won't he?
New questions never considered
Sit with her while she rocks in thought
Three tests serve as confirmation
She knows a doctor appointment is in order
Verification, for reasons unknown
Of course the question came, and went
To keep or not to keep?
So easy to answer when it's not you
Keep.  She made the right choice
Knowing she just ended her youth
All the parties, kissing booths,
Gone, memories of blurry nights and ignorance
The future, is still there to hope for
She will see this...she doesn't right now
Right now, everything seems impossible
And it will, Ironic how she grew that night
All alone, making decisions, internal fights
A long night, a hard night, A bad sleep
Pregnant and lost, hope without defeat

Randy Sturridge


Anonymous said...

brinkka2011 says: I have got one idea for your website. It seems like at this time there are a few cascading stylesheet issues while opening a number of web pages in google chrome as well as firefox. It is running fine in internet explorer. Perhaps you can double check this.

Randy Sturridge said...

Currently I use Chrome...I have noticed this...I am learning as I go specific to this issue...I have some pages I know that their are some pages that will not return. I try to keep up with it and ensure to ping and submit URL consistently every other day or so...

Fred said...

Randy, You had me fooled here. The way the piece started out I was saying, great an observation piece- haven't read one of those in a while. But then as the piece got deeper I realized it was not only an observation, but more like an omniscient narration combined with subtle bits of opinion. Really nicely done, especially touching an issue that obviously you can't have personal, first hand, experience with- those issues are tough as you only have information relayed to you or your impressions to go off of. Really like the way this came about, that nervousness is definitely in here and while not being possible to know first hand myself, this seems more than plausible as to what actually goes on in a young woman's mind under such a life changing situation. I especially like the Right choice line, which had to be your own opinion- which I wholeheartedly agree with, but the best line, at least the one I think stands out for me, is the The future is still there to hope for, she will see this...she doesn't right now. Which you followed it with an amazing last line, Lost and pregnant, Hope without defeat- Top notch piece my friend, really expanding your poetic horizons- Thanks for the read

Randy Sturridge said...

What a comment...Very happy to see that you analysed this as well as you did...Your comments are great, they really allow me to see the value invested that I often times downplay and sometimes even doubt. Surprisingly this wasn't all to difficult to write as it applied to someone that I know very well and in knowing them I felt that I would be able to summarize how they were feeling as I went through similar questions that night, less of course the obvious ones. In the end I was and am very proud of her and she taught me few things as well in her strength of self-preservation. Haha so there's no confusion from anyone who reads (I did not get anyone pregnant). Thanks Fred. And thank you for noticing the statements within the poem that meant as much to me as you pointed out. Peace buddy.