Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Outgoing Tide

Amendments and Bills for Monetary Reason

Instant Gratification and Indirect Treason

Promoting the Promise of a Better Tomorrow

Isolating Ourselves with the Money We Borrow

Debits and Credits Consume our Great Nation

We Cover it Up with More Legislation

Watching as the Tide of a Great Nation Recedes

I Sit Here, Saddened, As Our Country Bleeds



Anonymous said...

When did you write this? What was it that compelled you to put this down?

Mark Spears said...

I couldn't rally agree more. Government is a necessary institution, however I feel as though its become a bloated, corpulent monster who only exists to further its own power. My impression is that most politicians only care about increasing their power and profits and do not really have the good of the people at heart. I feel that the American government needs to be audited. We need to be the fat guy who stands naked in front of a mirror and realizes that there are no easy answers and that a lot of hard work is needed in order to get back to a place that is healthy.

Randy Sturridge said...

I wrote this right around the time the stimulus was that we would be borrowing from good ol Communistic China.

The release of the allocation of funds was not a pretty sight either. I have quite a bit more poems centralized around the subject of politics that I will begin posting in the coming days. I appreciate the comment Mr. Spears you provide wonderful perspective. Thanks again.