Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dear Boy

God is at the Doorsteps and he is asking for me by name

What am I to say to this being for him I have so shamed

Worry not dear brother for you will soon clearly see

It is not what youve done in this life but what you promise me

I cannot fathom the depth of kindness that your heart holds true

What I can tell you god is that you know not what you do

Let me in out of the rain for the wolves are at my feet

...Pondering I look around and see were short of meat...

Good son of Abraham my boy have mercy on this soul

Please pardon the door ajar so I may warm by the coals

...i accept defeat and welcome the meat, I trudge on toward the door...Heave and breathe the door ajar I must heave some more

envelope me in a shadow, stir in me a fright

I look around and come to see im surrounded by night

what my boy did you think you could dine on my flesh

dont you understand good boy that this was a test

Dazed and weakened I pull myself up on highn feet

what good lord you say to me atop all this sleet

I follow only you my lord, you must see faith in that

Play me boy you dirty snake you filthy little rat

we now have plenty of time to understand your wicked horrid thoughts

the devil I am dear boy now the time has come to rot

noooomy lord, your feasting bowl, not I, not this evehavent I brought this township good fortune from down upon my sleeves

no matter wise crook for your wicked thoughts have turned you over to mecome..come..and come just more and it is hell where we shall be…”

And just like that the boy flew down right into the ground the devilish figure that no one saw never made a sound.

The story goes that the dear young boy lost his little mind but in doing so he lost it bad or so he confined. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Proverbial Wall

A title gives one power
A badge makes them right
A gun makes them brave
But they're to afraid to fight
When it all comes to a head
And all you know falls
What is it you will do 
When fallen has your walls

David Fontaine

Monday, July 4, 2011

Melancholy Devotee

photo edited for free at
Illustrator:  Randy Sturridge 

Lost and confused while losing my grip

Feeling my mind and sanity slip

How did this happen, for I can’t explain

Your love seems to shift like sunshine to rain

I tried so hard to give you my love

Hoping the crow will become a white dove

I know at times you lose control

Rage ensues while you target my soul

You have said some things that cripple my hope

I cry like a child as you tighten the rope

I am pathetic don’t call me a man

I wish I could give you what others can

My confidence rips as you continue to say

How useless and worthless I am on most days

How did I lose the love that you held

Only for me, the wind for my sails

I refuse to forget the love we once shared

I am nothing at all if you never cared

I don’t know what you’re going to do

If you’re going to leave me to find someone new

I just wanted to express the depth of my love

It so great and strong and transcends above

I get so nervous when you are upset

I become the target of verbal roulette

I don’t care that you have a disease

My life, your life, let me love you please

I know I’m not perfect and I've made mistakes

Please your love, your love don’t take

You are my soul mate, I know in my heart

The thought of losing you tears me apart

Randy Sturridge