Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mostly Me.

This is a poem that I found written by my Mother some years ago.  Love you Momma.

I am a Mother, a Wife, a Mediator, a Fixer, a Matchmaker, a Student, and a Teacher

 Most of all I’m Me

 I am my own person.
I stand on my own two feet and am proud to be me.

I wonder what the world would be like without turmoil
 Without the pressures of society
I wonder if things would be different…

I hear the questions in the voices of my children
 As they search the world for answers
I see myself as the Teacher.

I help them find their way.

As a Mother
I want my children to be independent 
To never lose sight of who they are
To be able to stand on their own two feet 
To proud of what they have become

I look into my husband’s eyes
 Instantly I know
  He is my touchstone. 
He helps me keep one foot on the ground.
I am a Wife

I feel lost at times…a bit confused.
I ask questions
I am still the Student

I worry sometimes that...
 I’m not growing fast enough
  That I’ve reached for the stars and...
 just hit the ceiling.

I’ve cried a lot during my life
 because of circumstances I’ve been through
 I know that I am Healing

I understand that my life has been full of choices
 I’ve made so many
 Some good
 Some bad
  They were MINE!!! 

I share with my children
 most of the crossroads I have passed
Hoping they won’t have to live some of the bad ones.
I am the Fixer.

I try to help my children
 To be honest with their emotions
So they can choose
 To find their own friends, companions, and lovers.
I am the Matchmaker

I want them to be Happy, Joyous and Free.

I worry when they have problems
 When they get stuck in that rut of life
 When they have arguments
 Problems or conflicts in beliefs that get in their way
I am the Mediator

I show them softness, kindness, a closeness
 That not too many others see.
I am a Butterfly
 Starting to Feel Free

I am a Mother, a Wife, a Mediator, a Fixer, a Matchmaker, a Student and a Teacher

 Most of all I’m ME!!!


Umesh Rao said...

One of the most beautiful poetry I have read!
So meaningful and touching.
Mothers are truly the most greatest creations of God :)

Randy Sturridge said...

Thank you so much for your comment. I love receiving comments on posts but this one really takes the cake. My mother is really going to love to see that people appreciate what she wrote. haha especially as she doesn't know I put this up yet. Thank you again...greatly appreciate.

Dee Shwec said...

I now can see where you get a lot of your wisdom Randy! I loved reading this. I can my own mother and myself as a mother in this. Beautifully worded and done!

Randy Sturridge said...

Well thank you Dee. Greatly appreciate the comment. Glad you were able to relate to this poem on two levels, both from a mother's perspective and from a child's perspective. Thank you again for the feedback. I'm sure my mother will be very greatly and appreciative as well.

Fred said...

Randy, well Dee stole my line, but yeah good write by your mom, talent is said to be relational, so yeah I can see it here.

Anonymous said...

Wow I didn't think that you still had that poem. I wrote it a few years ago. I love you Randy.

Randy Sturridge said...

Yay...Finally. I knew you would find your way here eventually if I kept putting this around the internet hoping you would stumble upon it. Great. I wasn't sure how quickly you would find out. I'm glad it is after people have had time to comment on it. I didn't know I had it either. Ebony was gonig through a filing cabinet the other day and she came across it and asked me what it was. Right when I recognized I had to put it up. I hope you like the image I made as well. You will notice the one adjustment I had to make to if for you. "Tony" Thought he might appreciate that part. Either way I love you momma. I will call you now that you found this...otherwise I wouldn't have been able to keep it from you until you found it. As the above listed have said mother, your ability to write and convey exceeds your own assessment. Glad to see this worked out in the best way possible. Love you...will call later.

mom said...

I'm actually on this site quite a lot. I read all that you post. I love the adjustment that you made, "Tony", I showed him and he remembered the poem that I wrote. I do have some other ones I will look for them and send them to you if you would like. I love you son :)