Friday, July 15, 2011

Time's Design

Edited by Randy Sturridge

Time is an Illusion, A product of man’s delusion

In an attempt to ascertain a structured solution

We have become prisoners of this disease

Micro=managed, controlled, meeting other’s needs

We no longer strive to achieve self-satisfaction

We are sadly a bi-product of time’s distraction

Always chasing time but never quite catching

We keep on seeking, we keep on fetching

Timely presence warrants minutes on trial

Slaves to the seconds that we have so styled

Living in denial we have lost sight in living

To busy, distracted, sacrificing and giving

Our life is lost and what is the cost

Happiness iced over and time is the frost.

Unfortunate causalities of man’s understanding

As time progresses time becomes more demanding

Slaves we are and slaves we’ll be

Until some soul comes and sets us free


Fred said...

Excellent write Randy, really good job crafting this, well-done

Anonymous said...
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G E Shutt said...

Nice one... you could try a follow up about retirement and suddenly having all the time in the world and not knowing what to do having lost the ability.

Randy Sturridge said...

haha the second comment was removed by a blog administrator...what does that mean? It wasn't me. Weird.

Anyway...That is a good idea time in excess....thought a thought just came to mind. whether it be too much time or not enough, the problem is still time only to let it go..

A way in which to approach this would be the law of attraction...You just gave me my next poem...Thank you sir...

Just finished two more..goin up in a minute. Thank you for your insight, perspective...and feedback.