Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Set Wave Seven

Sweet, sensational force

Headwind stinging skin

Swell by swell a set on high

Seven counts and she builds the horizon

Wait! I stop paddling and erect myself

Vision peaks over number six

Its all wrong but she is massive

A lion among wolves, I hear her

Fleeting and curious she takes new aim


Broken wings under cold boardwalk

Terrible pain fills the night

A homeless vagrant observes death

Terrible waves rattle the structure

Birds of sunshine take eternal rest 

Leaving boardwalk graves and restless wanderers

Love for a Pretty Girl

A queen, a gem, a rare artifact I possess

Savored, worshipped, for purposes unsaid

Protect sacred thoughts just in case

Should it arrive, the moment I’m erased?

Never quite losing but I find myself floored

With thoughts and fears of hearing closed doors