Saturday, September 27, 2014


as it goes I sit here idly

fulfilling my end, yet feeling quite empty

Most would say I'm responsible enough

Security intact, knows what to do

I don't understand why I'm so troubled

Comparable sure to the ol average joe

Just making a living with little unknowns

Trying to figure if Im actually complete

or have I resigned to blend with the masses

Once upon a time I thrived to excel

At work, in school, at every thing hell

I know for a fact I've stopped craving life

By that I mean theres no thirst left inside

Why did it leave and where did it go

Will it return and how do I know

It is normal and is this a phase

I really do hope it comes back some day.

Randy Sturridge

Friday, September 26, 2014

My Little Knobby Knees

A day like any other, a day ill never forget
You are buckled in, little knobby knees
Elmo on your left and a window to your right
I see you, I know you, I love you
Those big brown eyes find me, standing in the lot

My heart is beating, my thoughts all over
You are buckled in, with your toys packed away
A day like any other, A day I feared would come
You are my girl, my happiness and my smile
You are buckled in and hands wave good bye
Hugs to some, words for others, but you…
I tell you I see you later, and time to go on ride
I know you don’t understand, I am here right now
I give you kisses and also elmo, touch your hair and face
I back on down and wave to you…Hi, do you see
I hear the Uhail roar to life, My eyes are watching you
I crane my neck and move about…hi burger
Soon your face is out of view, you are moving on
I watch the truck until its gone, with you buckled in
My heart and soul cry in silence, tears the only clue
My niece, my treasure, my little Ari Ann
Please remember me…however long it takes
I will be at the door one day, to see that sunshine face
Please burger.., I wish I could explain
I would never leave lone, never in this life
My God this hurts so bad inside…
Remember my face and the love we shared
29 months and 5 days. You were the spark that brought me back
Stay close to mommy and daddy on your adventure all brand new
Don’t forget Uncle Randy, My face and love for you
I swear to you baby girl, I’ll be there your whole life
You will open the front door and see me seeing you.

I love you Ari-Ann Carmean with everything that I am. I am so, so sorry that we will not be able to play “ready, Ready,” “Up-Down” “Elephant,” “Hide and Seek,” and so many more...No more Yo Gabba Gabba, and feeding elmo for a while. Just keep me fresh in that little head. I will skype you whenever I can. I will come visit as soon as humanly possible. I love you little girl. You’re a cool dude, and very funny funny.
I love you.