Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Party Girl

This is for the party girl that always tried her best

This is for the party girl that never was a pest

This is for the party girl that seemed happy and free

This is for the party girl that didn’t have to leave

This is for the party girl that didn’t come home

This is for the party girl who in the morning walked home alone

This is for the party girl that began to feel ashamed

This is for the party girl that couldn’t remember his name

This is for the party girl that ignored it when called a whore

This is for that party girl that always returned for more

This is for the party girl that walked home alone again

This is for that defeated girl that begin to hate her skin

This is for that party girl that cried in between shots

This is for that broken girl that often became distraught

This is for that whore and slut that everyone forgot

This is for that party girl who hated what she got

This is for that emotional girl that everyone ignored

This is for that party girl that thought their lust was love

This is for broken girl that dropped on out of school

This is for all the bi-standers that were just to fucking cool
Just remember that party girl that made you laugh real good

Just remember that you did nothing even though you fucking could.

So when you see that party girl and she’s havin such a great time

Be the guy that bucks the fuck up and is there when she cries

This is for the party girl that will be rescued by a man
This is to the saved young girl that will be in her bed tonight
This is to the rescued girl that never has to cry.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Sleepless Nights

A man of history a man of books

A man of knowledge bound by hooks

Logic and Reason guides my Life

Cognitive Cohorts and Sleepless Nights

Always Searching Never Finding

Deductive Reflex is constantly Binding

What is my Cause Where is my Action

I am Lost, A mindless Distraction

What is the Purpose, What is my Goal

Why am I hear, Just to Grow Old

I need something, I need a Reason

Please the Time goes with the Season's

I am here and I've studied so

Please, My Purpose, Before I must Go

A mark I must Make, I must be remembered

I must not Die without having adventured

My age upon me, My death grows near

Let me be remembered, For all my years

Let me Die with Hope in my Eyes

Don't let die with only my cries.

My Sign, My Merit, Anything, Please

Nothing, No-one, Just this Disease

I see, I do, I finally see

We live this life, To be set Free.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Public Relations

Public relations is one hell of an industry
With the ability to re-create any event in history
Re-defining the motives fueling causing and effect
Directing a focus by political sects
Supply and demand quite convoluted these days
with all of the endorsed factors in play
Tipping the balance that allows us to be free
Anything is possible with public relations you see

The cost of goods and services continue to rise
With the consistent passing as our small business dies
The corporate machine drives inflated costs
With intricate conveyance the truth becomes lost
An opportunity exists for every single man
To expose these obvious motives if he can
Rations on deck with the promise of depression
Open your eyes its the public relations direction

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Confident Man

For the confident man with his knees in the sand

For the first time in your life you feel rather bland

All of the treasures and all of your dreams

We have stripped from your soul or so it seems

you dont have the answers, you  knows not the questions

you are no longer a teacher of life’s lessons

It happened so quick, with the crack of a whip

That all of your  confidence was crushed and stripped

Now youre confused and afraid of the future

A psychological slash were sure cant be sutured 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Little Tree Gnomes

I know I’m likely to see the little gnomes that live in the frees

They have left their land again and they come to live here
They always ask me to play, often times occurring around midday
They are so kind…as they juggle their knives

The gnomes in the free’s, they tap on my window

I tell them that it’s late, but they continue to stay
T don’t want to play, not tomorrow, not today
I would like for them to just go back to their trees

They only bother me when they throw thoughts from the frees
I’ve already tried to give them what they want
I have found that they are liars and they constantly  pry
Always asking questions and giving me directions
I don’t want to juggle knives but they keep on insisting
They tell me theirs a reason, but to say would be treason

Fine, little gnome, you persistent little drone,
I’ll give you what you want if you’ll just leave me alone
I learn to juggle knives…Its actually kind of fun…

Finally they tell me…I’ve been chosen for a mission
First, I must promise to keep them a secret
or It would endanger my family…
They tell me of the mission, I strain so hard to listen

When they are finished I couldn’t believe all of the bad bad
Things they could see
I agree to help and to keep them a secret

I am so lucky to be chosen by the secret tree gnomes
My mission is classified I let them move indoors
They are my companions…at night they guard the doors

My family can’t see but I understand…
I can’t tell them anyways…
It would ruin the plan.

I train in the night when all are sleeping.
The tree gnomes tell me that sleeping is for the weak

During the day I sleep if I can..
Woken by mother who just doesn’t understand

Mom and Dad tell me I’m getting worse.
I see it in their eyes…I’m a burdensome curse

I can’t work because of the voices…
I’ve done some things, made some bad choices

But now it’s okay because of the gnomes
My family will see once the plan is complete
They will be so proud…

I would tell them now but it would put them in danger
The gnomes reassure me that it will all be better soon

Tonight is the night my mission is soon
I have all the items and I’m locked in my room

Thank you kind gnomes for all of your help
The moment is now…
I am ready to travel

I have the knives around my waste and I’m in position
I know how to travel because I’ve really listened

The tree gnomes are smiling, it’s time to travel.
They are chanting my name as I climb on the dresser

I will see my family when I return
They will be so proud, I’m a warrior they’ll learn

I wave goodbye to MY EMPTY ROOM
Jump off the dresser, the noose tightens so soon



I don’t understand why are they laughing, I’m Dying
I’m Dying, and they are just Laughing

My Parents break in but it was to late
My dead body dangles with knives around my waste.

Pinned to my chest it says I’m a warrior

It says Ill be loved once I fix the gnome border

My parents cry…
I died all alone, there were no tree gnomes and I…
Am no warrior

I’m just a dead schizophrenic kid,
That wanted the love his parents couldn't give
I am dead with demons in my head