Monday, July 25, 2011

The Confident Man

For the confident man with his knees in the sand

For the first time in your life you feel rather bland

All of the treasures and all of your dreams

We have stripped from your soul or so it seems

you dont have the answers, you  knows not the questions

you are no longer a teacher of life’s lessons

It happened so quick, with the crack of a whip

That all of your  confidence was crushed and stripped

Now youre confused and afraid of the future

A psychological slash were sure cant be sutured 


Unknown said...

Good job, really enjoyed. Odd I just got done posting a short story that, while not exactly as you put it, but also deals with a man searching for questions, wandering in confusion. Good write, Randy

Unknown said...

I will be sure to check that out. Thank you for the comment sir. As I was posting this my internet went down until now. Glad to see this still made it's way to people.