Friday, July 29, 2011

Sleepless Nights

A man of history a man of books

A man of knowledge bound by hooks

Logic and Reason guides my Life

Cognitive Cohorts and Sleepless Nights

Always Searching Never Finding

Deductive Reflex is constantly Binding

What is my Cause Where is my Action

I am Lost, A mindless Distraction

What is the Purpose, What is my Goal

Why am I hear, Just to Grow Old

I need something, I need a Reason

Please the Time goes with the Season's

I am here and I've studied so

Please, My Purpose, Before I must Go

A mark I must Make, I must be remembered

I must not Die without having adventured

My age upon me, My death grows near

Let me be remembered, For all my years

Let me Die with Hope in my Eyes

Don't let die with only my cries.

My Sign, My Merit, Anything, Please

Nothing, No-one, Just this Disease

I see, I do, I finally see

We live this life, To be set Free.


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Fred said...

Purpose is always something I think about, time and purpose, looking for reason, looking for rhyme, looking and searching all of the time. Really, really like what you did here, the beginning is super strong rhyme and really sets the piece in motion. Great job Randy