Saturday, September 17, 2011

Come Back To Me

Give me a name, tell me I'm going to travel

Give me a purpose, so I don't unravel

The doors of direction have shut themselves tight

Hoping to secure happiness without having to fight

We begin, We end, We will never start again

A soul, nostalgic soul, I have it out on an errand

Return to me, My girl, Come and make it Better

Come back to me, lift me, light, a perfect feather

I need your love, it makes me okay to be

Gives me Purpose, purpose that I need

Without your face, your care, your touch

Life is nothing, patches of days so rough

We will never be together now that its over

We are a child in the patch looking for four leaf clovers

Alwaying wanting but never being able to embrace

The hope and happiness of living in past days

I am lost and you are free where ever did you go when you left me

My bed is empty, what about yours? Shadowy lives of hopeful discord

Come back to me, lift me, light, a day with a perfect feather

Come back to me, to live for hope or hell, just make it better.

Randy Sturridge

Friday, September 16, 2011

Periods of Transcendence

Unique waves of discord perpetuate the norm that has become accepted

Fostered hope at moments in time clinging to periods of transcendence

The increasing constraints of bed and sleep deter the creature desires

To succumb with nothing but hope in something draws the shades further

Revolution for just causes begs a leader who admonishes sheltered not permitted

Who is our leader, the soul to lift us up upon high horses

We are the fallen, the bed ridden depressed, knowing only how to please

Giving our lives for others less ourselves will end in self-sacrifice

Conditioned throughout depressed societal flaws render us colorless

Shells of men and woman fragmented to whole thoughts and half hopes

We shall not be free, with liberty non-existence as production is a fallacy

Leader we wait for arduous times but until then I will pity myself  and sit in shadows

Randy Sturridge

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Inner Wicked: Response to Inner Beauty

Artist: Randy Sturridge
Reflection From Inner Beauty

A man whose insides match not the exterior

Not the typical mismanaged posterior

This man not that man is as well to know

As any other who comes and then goes

Quite remarkable features that draw them in

Like flies to the light a byproduct of sin

Such fine approach this wicked man gives

Reflected the opposite inner being lives

Inner beauty forever a thought

Used inversely to advantage the lot

Inner beauty must entertain

That just as it is, an opposites in range

Inner horror wakes him in bed

Talks to his thoughts while clutching his head

Inner horror has many a means

In convincing this man to do dreadful things

Now in time the man resigns

He adapts to the horror that once tapped at the door

He now is wicked danger and death

Each day he baits and blends with the rest

He always secures a little treasure

For outside his features draw in his pleasures

Into the night the inner horror plays

With his victims distraught his exterior slays

Laying in bed the attractive man smiles

Beautiful features so wickedly styled.

Randy Sturridge

Monday, September 12, 2011

Self Proclaimed Intellectual

Mr. intellectual I beg you take mind

I’ve become encumbered and weighted by thoughts

I beg an audience with your branded reach

Verbiage and endowment I’ve gathered you have

From perspective in assessing your candor, I inquire

Arduous engagement seem not necessary for enlightenment

Speaking so kingly but not a throne for your rare

I deduct your omniscience may dilute in few years

Conflagration, is flame, just fire by law

Intellectual, Formal, and neutral it draws

An apex revealed where proclaimed just a meadow

Fashioned by cloak you’ve disguised all by trickery

Falsehood inordinate secured as luxury

Un-raveled by plebian prophets I’ll say

Intellectual merit self fashioned in deceit

Rounds the mind of philosophical pressure

Encumbered no more as confusion erodes

A sophisticate king is but a mere miscreant

Apex revealed king now questioned premier

Deduct your stature so self fashioned now null

Simple exchange hath wrought your great fall

Be it wicked and dangerously said

This eve shall serve as enlightened ceremony

For unmasked revealed by a traveling seeker

To uncover truth of said false branded prophet

To bid you farewell as I take new course

To reveal through travel all false apex of this land

randy sturridge

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fantamorph: Must Try

One of my first attempt at flash videos.  It is a short Fantamorph clip  that is mainly geared toward taking one image and having it, throughout a series of frames, varying from 25, to 1000's.  The one below is no longer than 100 frames, with an altered image size, as initially it was an unbelievable 255 MB at six seconds.  

Fantamorch is quite fun and no doubt definitely the first step in moving towards video rendering by artistic creation.  This is not bound by any means to image morphing alone and can serve as a means to transition to and from multiple images, and loop back and forth.  Fantamorph offers multiple export features and videos even offers HTML offline with an imbue option.  This is great for reducing upload rate.or for incorporating into an offline blog editor directory.

There is free software that can be used for this purpose. It is obviously better to use a software that has a substantial platform with multiple features with minimum confusion. For this reason I attached at link  below for Fantamorph's 30 day free trial that is definitely worth having a look at. It is downloadable and does not require you give any credit card information or anything like that.  Just a simple straight forward trial for a month that is no doubt worth doing.  It may be time consuming at first, given the resulting length of video but to create anything is satisfying in and of itself. 

The below link is for the Abrosoft FantaMorph Pro Free 30 day Trial.

I know some of you would love to give this a try.  I ended up getting lucky and receiving it with PhotoImpactPro...So I can't wait to explore more of it's features and as stated  earlier here is my first creation.

Hope you in this little short creation.