Saturday, September 17, 2011

Come Back To Me

Give me a name, tell me I'm going to travel

Give me a purpose, so I don't unravel

The doors of direction have shut themselves tight

Hoping to secure happiness without having to fight

We begin, We end, We will never start again

A soul, nostalgic soul, I have it out on an errand

Return to me, My girl, Come and make it Better

Come back to me, lift me, light, a perfect feather

I need your love, it makes me okay to be

Gives me Purpose, purpose that I need

Without your face, your care, your touch

Life is nothing, patches of days so rough

We will never be together now that its over

We are a child in the patch looking for four leaf clovers

Alwaying wanting but never being able to embrace

The hope and happiness of living in past days

I am lost and you are free where ever did you go when you left me

My bed is empty, what about yours? Shadowy lives of hopeful discord

Come back to me, lift me, light, a day with a perfect feather

Come back to me, to live for hope or hell, just make it better.

Randy Sturridge


Fred said...

Randy, excellent write, one of your best my friend, definitely feel the emotions you pour Into this piece, thanks for sharing

Randy Sturridge said...

Thank you kindly...I was off the grid for about two days. I got back to my computer and literally just poured these two out within minutes...I love it when it just flows out...its perfectly adequate when the speaking comes from the automatic movement of the fingers and mind...bypassing conscience...Thank you sir