Monday, September 12, 2011

Self Proclaimed Intellectual

Mr. intellectual I beg you take mind

I’ve become encumbered and weighted by thoughts

I beg an audience with your branded reach

Verbiage and endowment I’ve gathered you have

From perspective in assessing your candor, I inquire

Arduous engagement seem not necessary for enlightenment

Speaking so kingly but not a throne for your rare

I deduct your omniscience may dilute in few years

Conflagration, is flame, just fire by law

Intellectual, Formal, and neutral it draws

An apex revealed where proclaimed just a meadow

Fashioned by cloak you’ve disguised all by trickery

Falsehood inordinate secured as luxury

Un-raveled by plebian prophets I’ll say

Intellectual merit self fashioned in deceit

Rounds the mind of philosophical pressure

Encumbered no more as confusion erodes

A sophisticate king is but a mere miscreant

Apex revealed king now questioned premier

Deduct your stature so self fashioned now null

Simple exchange hath wrought your great fall

Be it wicked and dangerously said

This eve shall serve as enlightened ceremony

For unmasked revealed by a traveling seeker

To uncover truth of said false branded prophet

To bid you farewell as I take new course

To reveal through travel all false apex of this land

randy sturridge


Fred said...

Pretty strong Randy. Lots to mull over here. The idea of the self-proclaimed anything is an interesting topic in it's own right, but you roll through this monologue almost in a pleading/begging manner it comes off as extremely profound. Seems to be a lot in this piece, I know I'm missing something, I'll have to get back into it again. Great sign when a piece makes one have to read more than once- Thanks

Randy Sturridge said...

I appreciate you can see that there is something not so plainly written...I initially hesitated as I know it is quite confusing and heavy...The most revealing portion that would be the most convoluted is the reference of fire, by language, and by status, a highly held esteem to be regressed to the neutral bland...haha still I'm sure confusing, but I will tell in a couple days. Just imagine personal growth and others propelling the idea........?

Fred said...

Randy, never hesitate if it's something you feel strongly enough about- it always has a place. And from my experience, although some may not get exactly it the way you intended, they'll get something, typically something that they're meant to get- especially pieces like this one with so much beneath the surface- read it a few times now and seriously there's a ton of layering- really an outstanding piece