Saturday, October 8, 2011

Trapped Awake

Know what its like to be trapped awake?

For days on end, hallucinate.

An immense strain upon the body

No falling asleep instead passing out

So damned exhausted one cant count

Thoughts so jumbled as one mumbles

Cant make sense of ones own mind

Speaking to oneself, in search of a sign

Paranoid by now, covering all tracks

Forgetting by this time that sleep one so lacks

Why wont the mind give one a break?

Why cant one just sleep for god sakes?

Hating this phase thats part of the maze

Putting ones mind in a dangerous craze

Beginning to unlearn the structure of words

Losing the grip for all that ones learned

Trying to sleep have to keep moving

Dont fully know just picking and choosing

Anger and rage knowing ones missed

Whatever it was, it left with a whisp

Entertain justification of ones own mind

Accepting sleep is not needed to be fine

As soon as ones ready to accept this fate

The body collapses under force of ones weight

Awake in few hours, of maybe days later

The game has restarted at the hands of the maker

Four days on end sleep changes perspective

Whole life now altered, thoughts are selective

Resigned to accept that ones destined to be

An advocate for lessons of lifes sweet mysteries

One is only a mere mortal of men

Not strong enough to do it all again

Fate so happened to intervene

Replacing the disorder confusion unseen

A man whose mind just couldnt sustain

The unseen burden that drove him insane

A shell remains that rocks back and forth

His mind has retreated from perpetual discord

Randy Sturridge


Unknown said...

Randy, great write up. I love the depth you layered this piece with. I think we've all experienced the feeling you describe. I'm glad you didn't make it a short one. The length and the purposely structured ABAB really reflects a feeling of never-endingness that one gets in such states. Very good job. Thanks for the read

Unknown said...

28 hours of sleep makes the imaginary Randy and Ebony stop conversing in my lower level .... thnx for warding off the ninjas n such

Unknown said...


Thank you for your comment sir, haven't out of the loop for the last two days but have now returned...Glad you liked the poem


Awesome Comment, Ebony is sleeping and has come back. Safe to live yet another day