Friday, October 7, 2011

Beautiful Monster

Drawn and Edited by:  Randy Sturridge

Reaching and stretching, harder I try. 
Slowly, but surely,the farther I slide.

Chainsaws and bullets, I want you to die. 
Beautiful monster that lives inside.

Happy you make me, such a beautiful peak. 
Though never the permanent state that I seek.

Upward you take me, an invincible high. 
Beautiful monster, dare me to die...

Grenades and razors, and diesel fire. 
Beautiful monster, I slowly expire.

Downward spiral, you take me to hell. 
Solitary confinement, no walls to this cell.

There is no air, it is eternally dark. 
Beautiful monster, you devour my heart.

Arsenic and water, do not let us drown. 
Beautiful monster, dare I hand you my crown?

You have invaded my dreams, and tainted desires. 
Beautiful monster, you start to inspire.

Numb I become, you consume everything. 
Beautiful monster, I bow to my King.

Heidi Chester

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Anonymous said...

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