Friday, October 7, 2011

Those Who Mumble

Edited by:  Randy Sturridge

On days of respite we should so praise
The wrong decisions that are continually made
Why the conflict in positive grants
When so many kindred characters lose their stance
Times of strife bring about life
Preparing the gauntlet to restructure time

A catalyst of grandiose unwavering wicked
Shall emerge when all of us are weakened and pitted
We shall disturb the calm surface water
Boiling the bigoted blasphemous scholars
White collar creases and rolled up sleeves
Implores a preponderance of misguided deeds
Elements of character emerge through great plights
Securing the future and giving back rights
Help the kind elderly man as he crumbles
Notice the righteous who watch and then mumble
A derelict space with auras of disdain
Can only survive when we're playing their game
Get lost not in planning futures so soon
When we've yet to this live this afternoon
Terrible wakes from built luxury spreads
Leaving behind the unworthy without bread
A cause, a motive, just a listen good sir
We shall live today...understood
Planning a forecast is always good measure
Though living today for tomorrow, much better
Take heed at this gesture in honor conveyed
Take it slow, day by day, future in past, unplanned, but okay.

Randy Sturridge


Fred said...

Randy, nice piece. Lots of good thoughts wrapped up in your verse. Some neat phrases and some niece poetic devices. Well done, thx

Randy Sturridge said...

Thank you fred...This came about quite quickly and I just put it editing down on this one. I decided to leave it as it was...Glad you enjoyed.

Marinela said...

This was an interesting and very cleverly piece of it!

Randy Sturridge said...

Thank you Marinela...Greatly appreciate the comment