Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Whispering winds dance delightfully this eve

Setting the mood for two lovers to give

Carnal desires propelled in unison

Hesitation defeated as passions burn bright

Resistance futile as bodies intertwine

Exploring new corners and secret places

Soft touch, then rough, just enough

Arched for pleasure, leverage finds treasure

Slow, so firm, hard pressed as one

Thick air, heavy breathe, sweat

Sweet release, conquered, subsiding seas

Gazing into one another

Two lovers, lay back and watch the stars.

Randy sturridge


Debbie-T said...

Sensual and strong!Beautiful!

Fred said...

Excellent illustration of that moment, very well done. A few sections really stand out to me-as I'm sure you realized by now I often find some of the intricacies in poetry so amazing- anyhow- Resistance line is great, as it's a form of resistance to be bound- intertwine puts a twist on that while adhering to the basic idea about resistance- very nice. Exploring line--Secret places- which to be a secret implies that someone it is not a secret to- so there's definitely something cool about how that all reads there- and I absolutely love the s repetitions with Sweet Release, ...Subsiding Seas Lovely flow to that- and at a perfect point in the poem too. Great job Randy

Randy Sturridge said...


Thank you greatly for your comment, I will be sure to check out your end of the digital landscape here shortly.


Haha, yes sir I do know how you love to discover gems in the most unlikely of words...and again you have. Thank you for allowing me to see what I myself do not realize initially. You have a talent my friend and would make a great editor on almost any literary avenue. I'm glad you liked the ending after the "climatic" apex. Thank you sir.