Saturday, October 1, 2011

Everything Colorless

Edited by:  Randy Sturridge

Clones of shattered youth are born

Evacuated shells of previous generations

Emotionless days and vacant dinner tables

Hard tiled floors of a cultureless nation

Perpetuating activism fighting for others

Bi-products of war and deaths of mothers

Speeches of yesterday drown out the skies

Propelling future hopes of past mentioned times

Everything colorless with senses so plain

Society forgotten with faith in nation deranged

Clones built on promises of better days

Slowly accepting all these shades of grey

Randy Sturridge

Friday, September 30, 2011

Toys Asunder

Drawn and Edited by: Randy Sturridge

Rapid descent unmasking tyrants

Boys of darkness cackle irrelevance

Pin cushions, broken dolls erase

Child play, on sunny fun filled days

Shadows deep with purple thick heat

Strengthening evil as all the good recedes

Cloaked in corners, drones of dirt

Mismanaged jigsaw, cork torn skirts

Thunder claps lightning, spider lit sky

Shrieking pointed ringing, heaven and hell collide

Swirl of grandiose masterful plans

Holding so close dangling mortals in hand

Psycho lured dwelling that emboss the weak

Raise them by flesh to rip apart and cleave

Randy Sturridge 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Electric Memories

Edited by: Randy Sturridge

Remembering new heights that brightened all colors

Confused the senses and blotted out others

Remembering sensations that drove peculiar decisions

Feeling of euphoria that stained aching to flesh

The first Unveiling of Loves deep conviction

Remains fresh in the mind, ripe for the picking

Remember trying to convey how it felt

Fear, Excitement, winds from the heavens

Explosions, delirium that no-one could see

Just hearing her name stopped time where it stood

Knowing that Love had permeated the soul

Twenty horses couldn’t slow Loves fermenting strength

Bursting Unsure with conflicted annoyance

Love enthralled, consumed all the senses

Reeking of beautiful warm renditions

Electric memories of Loves sweet conviction

Stays locked in this heart ripe for the picking

Embracing new heights that brightened all colors

Uniting in brief seconds one soul to another

Randy Sturridge

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shades of Yesterday

Created By:  Randy Sturridge

Lost are the times that brought about prosperity

Replaced by the overwhelming foreshadowed hostilities

The Minds of the citizen grow more and more dependent 

Fostering entitlement and civil manner resentment

Conflicts rising among elected officials

Often stalemating over legislative dribble 

The right of the citizen to make their own choices

Is robbed from their hands as the government sponge moistens

Tipping the balance from a capitalistic nation

Through unconstitutional over-reached legislation

Mandates and policy bringing forth a bleak future

Where Independence and pride are not granted but looted

Randy Sturridge

Monday, September 26, 2011

Behind Hollow Eyes

Created by:  Randy Sturridge

Hollow eyes with hopeful thoughts

disillusioned, talent bought

Weak frail soul what have you done

It's been a long while since you've had fun

Flesh with dirt canvas your being

You were my role model for everything

Wisdom vast with experiences sound

All for nothing, to lay back down

Your eyes leave traces of who you were

I can see him back there, a prisoner, he lurks

Cynical parasite that has taken his soul

Negative energy as black as coal

Leaves a feeling of loss and nostalgia

Knowing you're gone but may yet return

Gives hope and faith that this invader will burn

I can't say if this darkness gives way

I just hope you will come back some day

Locked in it's hooks it's warped your good nature

Leaving a parasite of a cynical nature

I'm letting you know that I must sit on the side

Resigned to accepting that you may die.

Randy Sturridge

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Papa's War

"Wake, my boy, for I have little time
It's papa, calling, now awake your mind"

A boy of ten grumbles and stirs
hearing his father force rushed words

"What, papa? Why do you wake me?
It's still dark outside, can't you see?"

A father smiles and then he cries
A son so pure, full of youth and life

"Rise my boy, I must bid you farewell.
I must take leave for now, and must not dwell."

"It's fine papa, go, go if you must
I will see you when you return, I will not rust"

"My boy, I leave and may not come home
I've been called to war, to leave you all alone"

The boys opens his eyes and sits up in bed
The look in his father's eyes conveyed that of dread

"Leave to war, what do you mean?
Don't go, just stay here with me."

A father swells with all of strength
To hold back the tears that only war makes

"My boy, I can't, they would take both our lives
I must go, so that you can survive.
I love you son, I just wanted to say
Take care of your mother, and your sisters, okay.
You are the man of this household now
If I don't return, make your father proud."

"Papa, Papa, I love you Papa
I will make you proud Papa"

"That's my boy, now get back to sleep.
When you wake you will remember me"

The boy nods his head, and grows stern inside
The boy lays his head down, to dreams he returns

A father backs out of his lovely sons room
No longer a boy but a man now blooms.

Randy Sturridge