Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Electric Memories

Edited by: Randy Sturridge

Remembering new heights that brightened all colors

Confused the senses and blotted out others

Remembering sensations that drove peculiar decisions

Feeling of euphoria that stained aching to flesh

The first Unveiling of Loves deep conviction

Remains fresh in the mind, ripe for the picking

Remember trying to convey how it felt

Fear, Excitement, winds from the heavens

Explosions, delirium that no-one could see

Just hearing her name stopped time where it stood

Knowing that Love had permeated the soul

Twenty horses couldn’t slow Loves fermenting strength

Bursting Unsure with conflicted annoyance

Love enthralled, consumed all the senses

Reeking of beautiful warm renditions

Electric memories of Loves sweet conviction

Stays locked in this heart ripe for the picking

Embracing new heights that brightened all colors

Uniting in brief seconds one soul to another

Randy Sturridge


Unknown said...

Interesting piece here Randy. I like how you were in full rhyming mode to kick the poem off and sort of went away from that but then picked up some off-rhyme stuff later on, kind of like a poetic jam session you had with yourself here- pretty cool stuff here to go along with some neat lines- I know it's probably not even the best one in this piece, but something about twenty horses couldn't slow love's fermenting strength I find pretty darned cool as heck. Excellent job, thanks

Unknown said...

Thanks Fred, I wrote this last night, or very early this morning...

Wrote this with another which I will post soon. Been getting little waves of creativity lately so definitely drawing and writing. Will be putting some art up shortly as well. Thank you as always my friend.