Monday, September 26, 2011

Behind Hollow Eyes

Created by:  Randy Sturridge

Hollow eyes with hopeful thoughts

disillusioned, talent bought

Weak frail soul what have you done

It's been a long while since you've had fun

Flesh with dirt canvas your being

You were my role model for everything

Wisdom vast with experiences sound

All for nothing, to lay back down

Your eyes leave traces of who you were

I can see him back there, a prisoner, he lurks

Cynical parasite that has taken his soul

Negative energy as black as coal

Leaves a feeling of loss and nostalgia

Knowing you're gone but may yet return

Gives hope and faith that this invader will burn

I can't say if this darkness gives way

I just hope you will come back some day

Locked in it's hooks it's warped your good nature

Leaving a parasite of a cynical nature

I'm letting you know that I must sit on the side

Resigned to accepting that you may die.

Randy Sturridge


Anonymous said...

brinkka2011 says: thank your for your post and the rest. you know..

Randy Sturridge said...

Thank you for commenting and being as active as you have been. You should join blogger or google connect so that we may speak and collaborate some more.

Fred said...

Randy, an interesting piece- The return of the Never-going to, is it hoping for a return to the way things were, or a naivety in thinking that things can ever be the same again- very interesting. I see some cynicism in here but also some intense sincerity. Very nicely penned. Oh, some killer lines mixed in here too, Hollow eyes with hopeful thoughts- flesh with dirt canvas- up until the next line I thought you may have been writing about someone who stares in the mirror, but the role model line perhaps changes that idea- your eyes have traces of who you were- love that the past, our personal histories can be remnants waiting for rediscovery- almost like a cryogenic chamber for past personas- I could go on.. really well penned-

Randy Sturridge said...

Thank you kindly sir...apologies in responding so late. Been quite busy. Thank you for reading and commenting. I seem to be more of a spontaneous writer as I'm starting to put more and more up it always seems that I end up putting something that I have just written always on a thought then or of late. I have quite a bit written but it is rarely that I return to what I have already done and then type it...

Your analysis of my poetry is always spot on, almost to the degree that you help me realize more of what I was trying to say than I myself was aware at the time. For that I can only thank you and express my gratitude.

Most appreciated..Each and every time.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

**a comment on the title of the page**Change the world....? I truly hope that the world has it more together than me. Now . . . to sympathize with and be accepted by the world . . playing a role despite it all... Oh what a beautiful thing that could be. why would i want to change this world, even if i could. ride the waves, brother. and hit me up. i certainly can't keep you afloat, i can, however, bob up and down with's that for gay.

Anonymous said...

you're new work definitely stirs a reminiscent place and time for me. it's weird, wondering if ive moved on, in the middle of it or headed straight towards. .. .

Anonymous said...

all darkness will soon be lifted..,and the vex days spent searching within to find only panic and thoughts of tainted days that blend into one long tumultuous spire heading, if continued for all, to a box paintef black...six feet under with nothing but long fingernails and post mortum feces