Friday, September 30, 2011

Toys Asunder

Drawn and Edited by: Randy Sturridge

Rapid descent unmasking tyrants

Boys of darkness cackle irrelevance

Pin cushions, broken dolls erase

Child play, on sunny fun filled days

Shadows deep with purple thick heat

Strengthening evil as all the good recedes

Cloaked in corners, drones of dirt

Mismanaged jigsaw, cork torn skirts

Thunder claps lightning, spider lit sky

Shrieking pointed ringing, heaven and hell collide

Swirl of grandiose masterful plans

Holding so close dangling mortals in hand

Psycho lured dwelling that emboss the weak

Raise them by flesh to rip apart and cleave

Randy Sturridge 


Fred said...

Randy- easily one of my favorites, so many good things going on in here. I love rhyme, but more over love internal rhyme- and you kill it here in that regard. But your including many enjambed moments is a great touch that always forces a reader to go back and read the lines more than once, placing them through multiple filters in the process. Really a wonderful write- thanks.

P.s. yeah I did get a bit of a spike the past few days, didn't notice till a few minutes ago as I've been pretty much offline past 2 days- only been checking twitter through Ipad app- but then lost wifi so- but anyhow, thanks- I'm assuming the spike came from the StumbleUpon, in which case if that was you- I really appreciate it- Thanks again.

Randy Sturridge said...


ha...I knew you would like this one. In going to your blog I notice that you really get enthralled in the abstract writings that hold meaning but it must be logically deducted and if done appropriately may take a few times to do. Glad I was able to extend my arsenal with one such as this.

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