Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Moist Prison Bars

Moist prison walls and freezing steel bars
Seize my bodily being caged from the stars
Dread and anguish weigh in upon me
Contorting my features for every one to see
Wicked violent souls also locked in these walls
Screaming and Shouting for me they call
Utterly alone Im so afraid
This is now my life, day after day

I should have been more conscious of my actions
Instead of living a live of self-satisfaction
I cannot believe that this has happened to me
All of my friends will wonder where Ill be
All of my plans all of my life
None of it now matters, unclothed with a knife

My brother wont get to go to Kentucky
I hope he finds a ride, hope he gets lucky
My sister, my sister, So many things to say
Make sure that you live for yourself, okay

Why is it now that Im worrying for others
Ive spent my whole life just living for me
Now that Im alone I can finally see
All of the people so very far away
They wont care at all that its here I now stay
It flashes so suddenly throughout my mind.
That all of my friends, Ive treated unkind
I have destined myself to be alone
Beyond even these walls I have no home
Nobody will visit, I will sit and wait
Someone has to miss me, just one of my mates  

The burden I suffer I have earned and it is mine
I will die behind these walls that I am confined
I accept my fate, and that it is far to late
To go back for my soul, to liberate
Instead I must remain and feel ashamed
Waiting for death, knowing I am to blame.


Fred said...

Good write Randy, nice use of metaphor, I hope:) I also enjoy trying to think through the eyes of others and then use whatever it is I happen to see in making something that applies to me. Well-done

Mark Spears said...

I find the last stanza particularly Faustian.

Randy Sturridge said...

Mr. Spears, now that you mention it...it does seem to say that huh. You sir have wonderful insight...I like the word choice as well. Haha the picture I made seems to validate your assumption as well. Thank you sir.