Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Forsaken

A movement cascades upon the souls

Harnessing the fire and feeding it coals

Delinquent bedlam blanketed with malice

No longer inanimate it seeks a balance

Locked in your home hide in the corners

Dangerous everywhere fueled by mourners

Drifting in fog and feeding on fear

Sensing the sites finding those near

Future is dead as we are all listed

A number the hunt ensnares the twisted

Escaping impossible fear filled dread

No where to run, the safe are the dead

Terror consumes all the air we breathe

Tasting the time, feeling it seethe

Nothing will work the futures ordained

Those still running have gone insane

Night descends from a dusk deep red

Taking most while they sleep in their beds

A mist of fate settles outside of town

Breathing the air brings up the ground

Hopeless space surrounds us all

Feeling the life being sucked in the walls

A plague of despair is now heavy in the air

Calling our names feeling its stare

Where is the being that eats our life

Murdering the light with fear laced knives

Whispering death, to come on this night

Encouraging terror, promising fright

I lay in my bed and wait to be taken

We are the damned destined forsaken

I drown as I breathe I take in the terror

Consumed entrenched I die while it stares.


Fred said...

Lots of great word choices and language usage in here. Excellent Write

Randy Sturridge said...

Thank you sir...this was one of those writes where it wrote itself and I was the portal. If it needs out then out it comes. Just finished two more. I will be putting them up in a little while. Thank you as always sir for your comments.

Folks due check out Fred's other deveoping site at:


A post there is entitled, "Numerical Language Experiment" That is really quite good. I enjoyed reading it very much. Do check out the above link...to not do so would be an injustice to yourself. HolmGren, Fontaine, you two especially look at this one.

Anonymous said...

brinkka2011 says: Love your post . Really

Anonymous said...

brinkka2011 says: I enjoy you because of all of your effort on this site. Its been an motivation for me. I've passed this onto a friend of mine.

Anonymous said...

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