Friday, September 23, 2011

Balance Measured

Prior to...

Run your mouth not thinking of others

Confused and surprised when you’ve angered another

Be mindful you must of what you say

If you’re not aware people are sure to hate

Rightfully so as you’ve said passionate things

That in some ears will only make them steam

Everyone has their right to believe

Whatever it is that they perceive

For you are no more righteous than they

Do not upset people with the things you convey

Pay more attention and mind perspective

If you disagree approach with balanced measure

Choosing right words mean all of the difference

In keeping or losing good friends from opinions

Remember this for all of your remaining days

That it matters to people the words that you say.


Point the finger call out names

Stir the clouds bring on the rain

Pick your poison fix right your sights

Break them down with all of your might

What did they do to suffer the brand

To become the subject by your hard hands

Confused, surprised you scream chords at them

You feel relief and tomorrow you start again.

Randy Sturridge

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