Monday, September 19, 2011

Bipolar Developed or Genetically Earned?

Written by:  Skye Lochlan

Image Added: Randy Sturridge

She closed her eyes
Brought her safety net into her mind
It went to a white void 
It permeated the heavens

Deep ache of cold and isolation
Did not come from the icy corpse of winter
Or any ravenous monster which lived
Only in fairy tales

The ache in the heart came from 
Broken pieces that danced 
The Dance of the Macrabe continuously
Day after day

With age her soul grew continuously restless
Shards of crushed crystals chafed inside
Hurt unseen 
Tears of blood filled her eyes

The wounds were covered with polite conversation
No medicine or fairy godmother laden 
With Fairy Dust would not magically put
Back the crushed pieces of her heart

At birth her soul was fashioned perfectly pure
As an untainted crystal
How did it break
Why did it break

She often surmised
It must be amazing and a great gift
To be cherished, nurtured
And tenderly cared for

She had been thrown away
She knew she was no good
Ravaged by time
The illness increased
Hope? She asks

Find More of Skye Lochlan's work at:  The Creative Soul

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