Saturday, August 13, 2011

Born Into This

by: Arron Shilling

Born into this,
Mother you murdered me
For love.

Born into this,
Towerblock aftershock
Drug drop from above.

Born into this,
Gang blood bandana
Weeps brown H.

Born into this,
Slag heap, shit tweet
Off my tits.

Born into this,
Factory job, slave wage mob

Born into this,

Hollow barrel trigger
Bank robber boy.

Born into this,
Solitary confinement
Mother you murdered me.

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Fred said...

Randy, great write, glad you put Arron's work up on your blog. Really good flow here and some interesting word choices/imagery. Well-done

Randy Sturridge said...

Thank you sir, I'm glad you enjoyed I did. Hope you checked out the site ZERO SUMMER as's very interesting. Thanks for the comment Fred.

Carolyn said...

What an amazing poem. It is edgy and sharp. I really loved it even though I found it profoundly sad and a sad statement on our society.

Anonymous said...

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