Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bullets for Apes

By; Arron Shilling

Suicide tiger, Bullets for apes, loaded gun - ALL THE WORLDS A ZOO,
Monkey Lobe Lobotomy, slit throat sheep weeps - let’s have some fun.

17 Pylons, Horror Horizon, cadmium orange, hell hue milieu crackles,
Mackerel skies linger large the expanse weeps – let’s have some fun.

Zoo sanatorium silhouette scans the scene in caesarean sections,
Rabid robots fester, captive droid has seizure, oil weeps - let’s have some fun.

The tragedy, pacing Tiger, insanity bound, fearful lunatic symmetry,
The shame, jeep beep - beeps, hell cat diesel weeps - let’s have some fun.

Emblems patch work, uniform cameo, child soldier, warrior quadruped,
Plutonium perversions, electrode clips balls in a vice…weep – let’s have some fun.

Fume of Faeces lines the lungs animal killer. Butcher boy chiller,
Loco safari, rifle range, derange, zebra eye weeps - let’s have some fun.

Glory beast arsehole, bear belly bar distended - B A L L O O N B A B O O N and burst,
Hunting expedition, lame ducks outta luck, sitting targets weep - let’s have some fun.

Silver back chockfull of holes and lead, weird wolves chuck hair balls, drizzle chin of swine,
Electrode elephants shocked, arson cages wreak, giraffes gently weep –let’s have some fun.

Mission complete, blood on his feet, slaughter house chimps snuggle in,
Leaning back he pulls the pin. Cuddle cousins wounded weeping - let’s have some fun.

Don’t you weep for the beast; comfort nuzzles, jungle genocide, wide screen TVs,
Sand man assassin sing – fanatic, multimedia play pens, Industrialist guzzlers – let’s have some fun.

Suicide springtide, insectile breach, poker dot/pebble dash the art of the gun,
Savannah utopia incinerating nations, new world order, Libya who’s next? Let’s all have some fun…

Except You, you, you and you...and you at the back with the big trunk..

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1 comment:

Fred said...

Arron, Really love this piece. Rapid pacing and lots of stops and starts. Excellent write, Randy thanks for continuing to share other's work alongside your own. Really good mix of styles.