Friday, August 12, 2011

Lost My Mind

Today I lost my mind
Lost the ties that bind
Right, wrong, sing beside
Dance in and out of line
Scream at walls
Watch them fall
Reveal the voice
Heed the call
Scratch the wrap
On my bones
Whos in the telephone?
Lights off
Look at my feet
Funny shapes
I dont sleep
Come and play
For half a day
Search for walls
Where they call
We will win
New found friends
Start over
Play again
Right, wrong sing along
I lost my mind
Ill be fine
Ill search the walls
When they call
Ill be fine
Ive lost my mind


Unknown said...

Randy, a very interesting message wrapped up in a game of rhythm and fun. Great rhyming here and some killer flow

Unknown said...

you sir are a very generous, return visitor that always takes the time to comment. I greatly appreciate it. You keep me writing. As a token of my appreciation I send some more traffic your way...beyond twitter. Which btw...I wasn't able to find you when mentioning...maybe a fluke.

Carolyn said...

This is a really interesting poem, in on way very light in another very, very dark. It is almost playful but terrifying in the implication that the subject has indeed lost their mind. It is reminiscent of panic attacks. It is really a remarkable poem!

Unknown said...

Very interesting that that you say referenced panic attacks. I was writing a another poem as I was writing this was and its theme was anxiety and panic. Thank you for your comment and keen observations.